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Anthropologist Dr. Felicitas D. Goodman, researched and explored ritual body postures as a means to achieve a bodily induced shifting of consciousness – a “trance” experience. She discovered each body posture can lead into this alternate reality, an expanded field of consciousness, when performed in conjunction with the proper rhythmic sound, such as a rattle or drum. The outcome of this is a systematic process we call “The Cuyamungue Method” You can have this direct experience… We invite you to learn more about us!  

About the Work
Ritual body postures found in prehistoric cave paintings and indigenous effigies have their origins with the hunter-gatherer tribes. The oldest posture discovered to date is believed to be approximately 32,000 years old. It was in the horticulturalist societies that followed, however, that the practice of these postures flourished.

Our body is a “universal tool” for insight into the manifold realities we live in and for a direct experience into the living “information network” of consciousness.

The Cuyamungue Method uses rhythmic sound stimulation of the human body combined with ritual body postures which produces a profound change in consciousness enabling one to experience different areas of the alternate reality.

It Works – The reports of hundreds of research subjects and thousands of workshop participants have confirmed that ordinary people can have quite extraordinary experiences. The Cuyamungue Method of ritual body posture is a very safe technique, which also stimulates ones own healing abilities.

To enter repeatedly and purposefully into a state of trance and to tune in to a different field of consciousness produces changes due not only to biochemical processes within the body. The experience of these feelings does have an effect on the unfolding of one’s own being without being connected to conditions, demands, and dependency. In the state of trance, which is a higher awareness of the inner world, one is able to connect oneself with a different information field of consciousness that constantly creates itself and always leads to new insights and points of view.

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