Board Members

Paul Robear – President & Executive Director

Paul’s introduction to the Cuyamungue Institute began in the early 1990′s. In 2011, Paul joined CI’s board of directors and was soon elected President. As both President and Executive Director, Paul has overall strategic and operational responsibility for CI’s educational programs, facilities, and execution of its research mission.

With a life-long appreciation of wisdom traditions which offer spiritual and practical solutions for today, Paul has found his calling with CI. Whether he is leading a CI workshop with his wife and co-teacher Laura Lee, administrating CI, overseeing upgrades to the CI website, land and facilities, or writing and editing the CI Newsletter, he approaches it all with focus, drive and passion.

Paul’s entrepreneurial background includes management, multi-media production and distribution, publishing, sales, and marketing. He and his wife Laura Lee created a media company centered around the nationally syndicated radio talk show which Laura hosted and produced. Paul produced and distributed over 200,000 books, videos, and audio books.

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Laura Lee – Vice President
Media Relations. Director of Outreach and Development

It was on Laura Lee’s nationally syndicated radio talk show that she first met Dr. Goodman, over the phone, for an interview that spanned three hours with call-ins.

Laura Lee recalls: “I was immediately taken with the idea of ‘psychological archeology’ as Dr. Goodman put it, and experiencing the worldview of our ancestors from the inside out. This was thankfully not a human construct or dogma or belief system, all of which I held suspect. Rather, here was the rediscovery of what our collective ancestors, masters of brain-mind navigation had found — the innate ability to throw open the doors of perception on the level of the physiology, something the body/mind already knew how to do and needed only activation of the ‘ON’ switch through a simple ritual, no outside agents needed. And in the universality of what she found lay the opportunity to find my own indigenous roots, tracing the clues back to the painted caves of Europe. I value the purity and self-empowerment of that. Felicitas sent me a little booklet that explained how to do this on my own. I had an experience that convinced me this was a safe, easy and ‘on demand’ method for the kind of spontaneous mystical experiences I’d had since childhood. Soon Paul and I were heading to Santa Fe for her workshops and further interviews. That was in the mid ’90’s! Now Paul and I spend about six months of the year at CI teaching, and by invitation in the field the rest of the year. We are happy to further this work in this fascinating field.

Laura Lee co-teaches workshops with her husband Paul, and has spearheaded several successful fundraising and research campaigns for CI. Scintillating and far-reaching conversation is her favorite research method. They are at work on several publications.

Find Laura’s articles in the CI Archives.

Jackie Haworth Hoy – Secretary
2115 Eastgate Rd.
Toledo OH 43614

Jackie has served as a member of the Cuyamungue Board of Directors for six years and is currently the secretary. She became involved in the Ecstatic Trance work in the 1980’s after attending an introductory workshop by Dr. Goodman. Since that time she has participated in and led weekly trance groups, introductory workshops, and numerous Masked Trance Dances. Jackie plans to be retiring in the near future from her career as a teacher and counselor, and plans to expand her work as an instructor for Cuyamungue Institute.

Stephanie Stephens – Treasurer
3014 Olive Ave
Columbus, OH 43204

Board member Stephanie Stephens lives in Columbus, Ohio, which is where she became involved with the Cuyamungue Institute. Her first experience with trance work was at a workshop lead by Belinda Gore. Stephanie graduated from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, with a Bachelor of Music degree and has an M.A. in Music Education from The Ohio State University. She presently teaches vocal music to middle and high school students, but is fast approaching retirement, this being her 31st year of service. She is very involved in theatre, working regularly as a music director in and around Columbus. She lives in a quiet neighborhood on the west side of Ohio’s capital city with her partner Bruce and their two dogs Waldo, a boxer, and Zoe, a French Bulldog.

Cecilia Stanford
Silver City, NM

In 1987 I met Dr. Goodman in San Diego, and took the first steps on a path that was life changing. I traveled to the Institute and participated in the posture work beginning in 1989 and continued through 1992. In San Diego, I led a posture group, and hosted an intensive weekend with Dr. Goodman and postures. Then a working Life intervened, until now, where I find myself free to devote time to projects that call to me, and recently return to Cuyamungue to attend an Advanced Initiatory Training and Masked Trance Dance.

My background includes a BFA in Theater Arts, emphasis on the History of Fashion and Patterning, and 25 years as a professional costumer, primarily for San Diego Opera. For the past 15 years, I have been a self employed studio artist, specializing in handmade ceramic mosaic sculpture, and more recently, elaborate embroidered textile assemblage. I have lived in southwestern New Mexico for 15 years, and love to promote this beautiful state.

David Shank
Technology and Legal Management

Seattle, WA 

Dave has a unique combination of skills and experiences, legal, business, technical, management.  A practicing attorney for many years before entering the technology field in application development and computer service/consulting. His background also includes managing business operations, sales and marketing, and General Program Management and project management for development projects as well as identifying, articulating, and executing on long-term business strategies.

James Lawer
Devoted to reclaiming and restoring the human capacity for ecstatic wakefulness.
James lives in New York City, where he is building a new Postures program in the city. He has begun a private practice there and, starting in mid-December (2012), his first group sessions will start. He continues to be Provost for the Druid College of North America, with which he is facilitating rituals, year-long apprenticeship programs and is writing course material for students. James has had a long career in theatre, music and dance, and holds and MA in Theatre and a Masters of Divinity. He has trained with indigenous elders and teachers in North and South America and in Europe.

Cynthia Devlin, LPC
1 Mill St., Ste.201,
P.O. Box 512
Farmville, Virginia 23901

Cynthia is a licensed as a Professional Counselor and a Marriage and Family Therapist in Farmville, Virginia, with over 30 years of clinical experience. A native of North Dakota, Ms. Devlin attended undergraduate school at Moorhead State College in Minnesota graduating Magna cum laude with a B.A. in Sociology/Psychology. She received an M.S in Counseling from San Diego State University,California and completed post-graduate coursework at the University of Minnesota, University of Virginia, et al.

Julie Strider Nichol
218, High Street
West Sussex, England
TN22 1RE
Julie was initially trained as an architect and spent 15 years as an associate with a firm in Sussex before deciding to become completely freelance as a surveyor. Julie was first introduced to ecstatic body postures during a year-long Shamanic course in 2003. Although The Bear Posture and the Nupe Mallum were just two of the dozens of Shamanic rituals that she undertook that weekend, she was drawn to spend the next five years studying and practicing the postures alone, until, in 2008, she finally tripped over to the Cuyamungue Institute! She is delighted to be a certified teacher, holds workshops in Sussex, England, and attends summer festivals where she can introduce people to the wonders of the postures. Recently, Julie has been appointed as the Adult Education teacher in Shamanism for West Sussex County Council! Her work with Labyrinths started about 5 years ago as she would make temporary labyrinths from ribbon and rope on various landscapes to celebrate the seasons, and have also run one day long workshops on the labyrinth. It was her inspiration and contributing effort that brought a permanent 40 ft diameter labyrinth to the Cuyamungue Institute.

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