You can build powerful arms, work your abs, and develop massive thigh muscles, but the lower pecs are a different story. Many guys find this area the hardest to fully develop, no matter how much they train. But if you know (and regularly do) the 9 exercises of this chest workout, you’ll see the results pretty soon! And be sure to pay attention to the tips at the end of the video. They will make your lower chest workouts even more effective!

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Decline Bench Press 0:33
Decline Dumbbell Fly 1:13
Chest Dips 2:06
Machine Chest Press 2:58
Dumbbell Pull-Over 3:46
Cable Crossover 4:31
Seated Machine Fly 5:32
Lower Pulley Cable Crossover 6:34
Push-Ups 7:09
Some useful tips 8:00

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– #1. The decline bench press is the movement that targets precisely the lower part of your pectorals. As a result, your chest becomes wide, round, and defined. To make this exercise more effective, retract your shoulder blades and control the weight at all times.

– #2. The decline dumbbell fly will help you get a good stretch as well as contraction. Besides developing your lower pecs, the decline dumbbell fly also trains your upper chest, biceps, and the front of your shoulders.

– #3. The main trick while doing chest dips is to lean forward and put pressure on your chest rather than your triceps or shoulders. Also, your elbows should be a bit wider than your shoulders – this way, you’ll exercise your chest better.

– #4. The machine chest press not only targets your lower pecs, but also develops your biceps and deltoids. To make this exercise as effective as possible, retract your shoulder blades and try to tighten mostly your chest muscles.

– #5. Even though dumbbell pull-overs work mostly your pecs, they’re also pretty effective for training your triceps, abs, upper back muscles, and glutes.

– #6. Cable crossover exercise doesn’t involve any triceps activity, that’s why it allows you to concentrate on your lower chest. Remember to squeeze your chest muscles when you’re in the contracted position.

– #8. The seated machine fly is a great exercise for working both your inner and outer pecs, as well as your anterior delts. Remember to breathe normally while doing this exercise and don’t press into your feet: after all, the purpose is to train your pecs, not your legs.

– #9. While most people consider push-ups a warm-up exercise, it’s actually quite effective for developing your chest muscles. The main trick to make this area work better is to position your hands wider than shoulder-width apart.

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