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Q&A and Guest Series
Conversation 4 Exploration

Continuing Education and Knowledge about the practice of Ecstatic Trance Postures (ETP). This is a chance to go deeper into the work of ETP and an opportunity to engage with the you more and clarify anything you might have questions about. We particularly love to hear about any questions you have around your experiences. We come together to integrate our experience, expand our knowledge and to support the ongoing research of the Cuyamungue Institute.  And from time to time we invite guest speakers in related fields to help broaden the scope of our research. 

Every Sunday.  Dive deeper into the history, the research, the subtleties and nuances, and more on the practice of Ecstatic Trance Postures (ETP). A supplement to the experiential sessions, this is time set aside with Paul and Laura, and  occasional guest speakers, to cover set topics, answer questions live and from email, as well as hear your stories and observations.

Continuing Education
Knowledge, Research and Exploration

Open to everyone at every level, who have attended our Ecstatic Trance Posture sessions. Let’s go deeper and expand our research together! This is not a posture session rather an independent time for questions and answers and expanding our knowledge of Esctatic Trance and the field of altered states of consciousness (ASC).

And from time to time we invite guest speakers in related fields to help broaden the scope of our research.

What to Expect?
Previous discussions included:

• Neuroscience,
• Anthropology,
• Archeology and sacred sites,
• Where science meets spirituality
• The story of the universe
• Mask making and ancient world wide traditions
• universal trance dance
• The indications of trance states to better understand your experiences during Ecstatic Trance Postures
• Catholicism, mysticism & Trance states
• A Panel discussion of Shamanism
• History of of trance around the world, from past to present
• Ancient Astronomy, creating your own celestial marker
• The full spectrum of consciousness raising techniques.


9am Pacific / Noon Eastern


Paul Robear & Laura Lee

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