The Extraordinary GOD’S PLAN | A Life Changing Christian Documentary that took place in PANAMA | Enjoy this Christian Documentary showing the journey of Dr. Moore during his 19 years of hard work and faith in turning a vision into reality.

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In 2003 Jason Moore traveled on mission trips to Guatemala and to Panama during his Emergency Medicine residency in Detroit, Michigan. In 2004 he and others joined Larry Brady and Panama Missions for another mission trip in Eastern Panama. These experiences encouraged them in Christ and in 2005 some from these groups formed Mission Clinics International, based in Royal Oak, Michigan and affiliated with the Royal Oak Church of Christ. Their mission: to heal soul and body in Christ through a mission base in Eastern Panama. They envisioned a project that would treat many people, both spiritually through the church and medically through a modern and efficient clinic.

In 2005 Mission Clinics International officially broke ground on the construction site located in Higueronal, Panama. Construction advanced as God provided funds. Workers organized multiple mission trips over the years with volunteers from the United States and Canada. In 2007 preacher Ruben Leon and his family moved in faith from Lima, Peru – with virtually no belongings – to begin the congregation in Higueronal.

In 2007, Jason left the practice of medicine, gave away his possessions and lived with a Christian family from his church. He fasted for 40 days and focused on work in the church and the project in Panama.

Ten months later he returned to the practice of medicine and continued to work to complete the Panama project.

As construction advanced, the Higueronal congregation matured. In 2013 and 2014 the congregation hosted 7 community events for teens, women, couples, children and families. Since the beginning of the project workers have baptized hundreds and treated thousands medically. They distributed Bibles and food and clothing and eyeglasses and provided medical and dental and surgical care.

In 2022, workers completed the construction and the equipping and staffing of the clinic and began operations. As of January 1, 2023, Mission Clinics International in the United States dissolved and turned all ownership and management of the project to the Panama team.

Thanks to Christ and the generosity and faith of many, mission accomplished! Now in rural East Panama – an area with many medical and spiritual needs – a project on a 10-acre site in Higueronal provides a church and ongoing medical, dental, pharmacy, laboratory, orthodontics and restaurant services, independently and in the name of Christ. Praise Jesus the King!

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00:00 Trailer
04:00 Who’s Jason Moore?
05:51 Mission Work in Guatemala
08:04 Mission Work in Panama
10:21 Mission Clinics International Project
15:52 2005 First Mission Clinics International Trip
21:37 Project Management Problems
28:50 Set Down Roots
31:05 Ruben Leon
34:42 The 20-year Project is Complete
43:55 Ecclesiastes 7:8 KJV: Better is the end of a thing than the beginning.
46:51 The End