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Taking on a part that was most definitely meant for CNC seems like a good way to spend a week at the mill. But where’s the fun unless I’m racing an actual CNC machine. Time to put my machines where my mouth is.

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0:00 Feeling Cocky
1:15 Ready… Set… NO
3:27 The Path Less Travelled
4:48 Don’t Be a Square
7:22 How Boring
9:00 Sweeping Up
10:44 It’s A Clevis, You Beavis
12:26 I Would Never Do That
13:57 What You’re All Here For
15:22 The Right Way ‘Round
17:26 Angles and Rounds
19:15 Sabatoge
21:06 Now It’s A Race
22:18 Two Sides to Every… Part
25:24 The Results Are In

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Editing: Final Cut Pro X
Intro Song: Way Back Way Back When (Instrumental Version) – Gamma Skies

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