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Exoplanets: The Discovery of New Planets – Guillermo Gonzalez

Astronomer summarizes  exoplanet (any planet beyond our solar system) that have been detected orbiting distant stars. Guillermo Gonzalez explains how planets are detected through photometry astronomy and spectroscopy and the characteristics of host stars, and detail the planets and their orbits.

Guillermo Gonzalez is a Senior Fellow at Discovery Institute's Center for Science and Culture. He received his Ph.D. in Astronomy in 1993 from the University of Washington. He has done post-doctoral work at the University of Texas, Austin and at the University of Washington and has received fellowships, grants and awards from such institutions as NASA, the University of Washington, the Templeton Foundation, Sigma Xi (scientific research society), and the National Science Foundation.

From the Archives: This live interview was recorded on June 7, 2000 on the nationally syndicated radio program, hosted by Laura Lee . See more at www.lauralee.com

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