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From Science to God: A Physicists Journey into the Mystery of Consciousness – Peter Russell

A critical challenge today is freeing human thinking from the limited beliefs and attitudes that lie behind many of our problems—personal, social, and global. As we look to distill the essential wisdom on human consciousness that is found in the world’s various spiritual traditions, we learn not to look “out there” to the world of experience for reality, but “in here”, towards the dimension of consciousness itself. 

“To explore the fundamental nature of the cosmos, we don’t have to travel to outer space, but to inner space; the one thing that we cannot deny and the one thing that science has yet to explore.” Peter Russell

Peter Russell is an author, teacher and speaker, who is recognized as one of the leading thinkers on consciousness and contemporary spirituality. He studied theoretical physics, experimental psychology, and computer science at the University of Cambridge, and meditation and Eastern Philosophy in India. In the 1970s, he pioneered the introduction of personal growth programs to corporations. Russell’s life has embodied that convergence, from studies in Theoretical Physics in Cambridge UK with Stephen Hawking, to first predictions of the modern internet in his book The Global Brain, to other books that offer pure formulations of psychology, creativity, consciousness and the fundamental nature of reality.

From the Archives: This live interview was recorded on May 14, 2002 on the nationally syndicated radio program, hosted by Laura Lee . See more at www.lauralee.com

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