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Healing, Wisdom, Rituals of Africa – Malidoma Some

Malidoma Patrice Some bridges paths between the ancient tribal world of the West African Dagara culture and modern Western society. He shares how the rites we have in the West don't really help people to cope with death in a positive way,  and talks about how some rites are done in the traditional context.

Malidoma Some (1956–2021) was initiated in the ancestral traditions of his West African society, and is a medicine man and a diviner in his native culture. He holds three masters degrees and two PhDs from the Sorbonne and Brandeis University and has taught at the University of Michigan. His work has particular relevance for men seeking a redefinition of their identity and role in the community, and he is much in demand as a group leader in the United States and in Europe, and teaches with Robert Bly and Michael Meade in men's conferences.

From the Archives: This live interview was recorded on February 23, 1994 on the nationally syndicated radio program, hosted by Laura Lee . See more at www.lauralee.com 

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