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Prophecy, Tobacco Medicine, Traditional Wisdom from the Amazon – Flavio Santi

Flavio Santi (Ayuy Yu),is from the Ecuadorian Amazon. Flavio shares his views and insight into the sacred tobacco medicine ceremony and how he sees the need for collective healing. An indepth discussion on the “healing properties of the grandfather tobacco plant medicine” direct from the Ecuadorian Jungle, traditionally cultivated by Flavio's family for generations. He says the spirit of tobacco is protective, cleansing, grounding, as well as transformative. Yachaks (elder wisdom holders, teachers) use fresh or dried tobacco leaves, liquid tobacco infusions, and tobacco smoke (never inhaled) to connect with ancestral spirits, and to heal their patients with profound universal energies. Flavio shares the wisdom of his ancestors and what the prophecy of the grandfathers tell us.

Late in the 19th Century, Ayuy Yu (Spirit of the Palm), Flavio Santi’s grandfather and leader of his clan in the Shuar tribe, made an ancestral pilgrimage from the Huasaga River in Peru along the forested mountains up through Ecuador to the Putumayo River in Colombia, at that time called Puturuna: ‘People of the Kapok’.  Puturuna was an intercultural meeting place of knowledge exchange and spiritual teaching.  Along this route, which could take years to complete, the generations of Ayuy Yu’s people had planted sacred wayusa plants, as guides, titles, and places of ceremony.  The Shuar people drink wayusa tea in the pre-dawn each day, to strengthen the dreams of the people, and of the forest.  Some of these trees along the route are now 700 years old.

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