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Rain Forest Shaman & Anthropologist – Guest: Ipupiara Bernardo Peixoto (late)

Ipupiara, also known as Bernardo Peixoto, shares the story of his life. He is a member of the Uru-e-wau-wau tribe of the Brazilian Amazon, a shaman, and an anthropologist. He was fluent in eight indigenous dialects and served as a bridge between cultures, a consultant to the Smithsonian Institute and Museum, and an advisor to the Clinton White House. He shares stories of his early upbringing, why his tribe call themselves “People of the Stars”, the legend of their ET visitation, and what the Amazon rain forest means for the world. He says, “we are all shamans in training and we hold this promise in our very DNA” while reminding us shamans are human beings, neither saints nor magicians. He describes the tools of shamans, and how connecting to the Great Spirit and to Mother Earth is truly where and how healing occurs. 

Ipupiara passed away in 2011 we feel privileged that we had the opportunity to learn from him. We cherish our time with him.
 (From the archives of the nationally syndicated radio program The Laura Lee Show. 2001) 

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