At Salal, we believe small actions can lead to great impact. We were founded in 1948 by a group of nine healthcare workers who pooled together $45 to start a credit union. Today we have 50,000+ members in 18 states. Staying true to our roots, we’ve never stopped finding innovative ways to serve underserved communities and promote a healthier and more prosperous future for everyone. This drive has led us to take on new challenges—like becoming a national leader in providing banking services for the legal cannabis industry, or creating a co-op financing option for home improvement and solar power.

While our ambitions are big, our motivations are closer to home. Since we’re member owned, our profits go back to you and your neighbors in the form of fewer fees, lower rates, and charitable giving that directly impacts your community.

Whether it’s helping to make green energy more accessible or fighting housing insecurity in our neighborhoods, simply by being a Salal member, you’re helping make a difference.

Visit us at to learn more.