Advisory Committee

What do we mean by Advisory Committee?  Researchers, professionals and associates who bring unique knowledge and skills which augment the knowledge and skills of our formal board of directors in order to more effectively guide the organization.

The Cuyamungue Institute is very fortunate to have the following advisors — they have joined us to support our mission by sharing with us their insights and experiences in developing needed and effective programs.  Thank you for your support!

(In alphabetical order)

Barbara Hand Clow

Advisory Committee Member

Vancouver BC Canada

Barbara Hand Clow is an international lecturer and workshop teacher and writer. She majored in philosophy at Seattle University, then behavioral psychology at the University of Washington, Seattle, and then began extensive reading and study of Reichian, Freudian and Jungian Psychology. In 1969, she discovered that astrology was an exceedingly accurate diagnostic tool, and she began her study and practice of astrology. In 1982-83, she earned a Master’s degree in theology and healing with Matthew Fox in Chicago, and her thesis compared Jungian psychoanalytic technique and past life regression therapy.

Belinda Gore, Ph.D

Advisory Committee Member

3105 Waukeegan Avenue

Lewis Center, Ohio 43035


[email protected]

Belinda is the former vice-president then president of The Cuyamungue Institute, and currently serves as an advisor to the Board of Directors. For over twenty years, she was a close friend and colleague of Dr. Goodman. Her books Ecstatic Body Postures: An Alternate Reality Workbook and The Ecstatic Experience: Healing Postures for Spirit Journeys introduce fifty-seven different postures and the method for using them, and is an essential resource for practitioners of ecstatic trance.

Belinda is the founder and co-director of the Enneagram Institute of Central Ohio and a leadership consultant and coach. All of her work emerges from a deeply held vision of supporting the evolution of consciousness in all aspects of life.

As a psychologist and teacher, Belinda has over thirty years’ experience helping people to identify and transform core issues in relationships, work life, and spiritual development. She is the founder and co-director of the Enneagram Institute of Central Ohio and a leadership development consultant and executive coach with The Exetor Group and with S-4 Consulting. All of her work emerges from a deeply held vision of supporting the evolution of consciousness in all aspects of life.

Geert Mayer, MD, Ph.D,

Director of the Hephata Klinik

Advisory Committee Member

Schwalmstadt-Treysa, Germany

Geert Mayer is Associate Professor in Neurology at the Philipps University in Marburg/Germany and the director of the Hephata Klinik in Schwalmstadt-Treysa/Germany. He has graduated from the Georg-August University in Göttingen/Germany where he also did his doctorate and habilitation. He specialized in psychiatry, psychotherapy and neurology. In the past 25 years he has worked in the field of sleep disorders. He owns degrees in German and European sleep medicine, epilepsy and EEG. He is a member of several national and international scientific societies. Dr. Mayer is the head of the “Task Force Polysomnography” for the German Society for Neurophysiology and Imaging, the head of the “Task Force Sleep Medicine” of the German Neurological Society. He has been the president of the German Sleep Society until 2012.He has been a founder of the European Narcolepsy Network and currently is the president. He has also been a founder of the “International RBD Study Group” for which he served as a secretary for one term. He has also served as the head of the “Clinical Committee” of the European Sleep Research Society for several years.

Dr. Mayer has published many articles in peer reviewed scientific journals and books and is a frequent speaker at national and international scientific meetings.

John J. Pilch, Ph.D

Advisory Committee Member

Institute’s Research Committee

1318 Black Friars Road

Catonsville, MD. 21228-2710

E-mail: [email protected]


John J. Pilch, Ph.D. took an introductory week-end workshop with Dr. Goodman in Santa Fe (June, 2000) after a short period of communication with her by mail prior to that. He has been a member of the Annapolis (MD) group since May, 2000 and was certified as a practitioner by the Institute in 2003. John dedicated his book Visions and Healing in Acts of the Apostles: How the Early Believers Experienced God(Liturgical Press, 2004) to Dr. Goodman as a tribute to her research and insights which continue to enrich his own research and publications. In this book, he has adapted Felicitas’ insights and methods to Catholic Christian traditions and spirituality.

Dr. Pilch published “The Chiltan Spirits: a research report from the Annapolis, MD (USA) research group of Cuyamungue: The Felicitas D. Goodman Institute (2000-2007).” Pp. 99-102 in _Shamanhood Today_. Kornélia Buday and Mihály Hoppál, editors. Budapest: MTS Néprajzi Kutatóintézet – Magyar Vallástudományi Társaság, 2007. Related personal research interests include sky journeys, and music and trance. John just completed 18 years as a adjunct professor of biblical studies the Theology Department at Georgetown University, Washington, D.C. since 1993 and a member of the International Society for Shamanistic Research, Budapest, Hungary. Currently he is doing courses in the Odyssey Program at the Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD.

Robert Schwartzberg, CFRE

Advisory Committee Member

Friday Harbor, WA 98250

Bob Schwartzberg retired in June, 2009 from The University of Washington where he had served as Director of Development for the UW’s Friday Harbor Laboratories on San Juan Island, in Washington State. He continues his involvement in fund raising as Principal of SbergDev, a fundraising consulting firm that specializes in working with small and grass roots non-profit organizations and serves as an adjunct instructor at Indiana University’s Center on Philanthropy where he is a Senior Associate.

Bob has more than 30 years of leadership and professional experience in fundraising and has been directly involved in raising more than $50 million dollars for non-profit organizations. Bob is also an accomplished trainer and motivational speaker with demonstrated strengths in membership, marketing, sales development, program implementation and involvement of corporate and community leaders. He has conducted popular sales training and fund raising seminars for numerous groups including Fortune 500 corporations, national and international businesses, business schools, the Association of Fundraising Professionals and major marketing and professional organizations.

Bob has a Graduate Certificate in Public Relations from American University and a Bachelors Degree from the City University of New York at Queens College. In 1992 he received his CFRE (Certified Fund Raising Executive) accreditation from the Association of Fund Raising Professionals (AFP).