Board Members

Paul Robear

President & Executive Director

Paul Robear has served as the President and Executive Director of the Cuyamungue Institute (CI) since 2011. He worked with CI’s founder, anthropologist Dr. Felicitas D Goodman, from his first introduction to her and her work in 1994, til her passing in 2005. 
With wife and co-teacher Laura Lee, Paul has conducted workshops with Ritual Body Postures (RBP) around the world from 2000 to present. Their response to the pandemic was to offer this work online, conducing live, experiential RBP sessions over Zoom two to three times a week for an international community. From April 2020 through 2022, they have conducted and recorded over 385 sessions. This valuable database where participants verbally report and share their experiences is serving as the basis for ongoing collaborate work with Professors of Anthropology Drs. Todd & Christine VanPool. 
The world experts on this work, Paul and Laura are writing and editing the manual, the handbook, the overview and introductory publications, articles and more, as well as videos for CI. Paul lends his previous experience in media to building CI’s extensive websites and creating the YouTube, Facebook, and Podcast channels for CI’s outreach program, Conversation4Exploration. Paul negotiated and headed up a capital campaign to add 186 contiguous acres to CI’s 272-acre facility in Santa Fe New Mexico. Paul worked with the Pojoaque Pueblo and Prof. Scott Ortman of the University of Colorado to survey the remains of the Cuyamungue Pueblo, an historic Tewa village site and archeological fields on CI’s land. 


Laura Lee - Vice President

Director of Research & Outreach

Laura Lee has served as Vice President and Director of Research and Outreach for the Cuyamungue Institute (CI) since 2011. She worked with CI’s founder, anthropologist Dr. Felicitas D Goodman, from her first radio interview Goodman on her work in 1994, til Goodman’s passing in 2005. With husband and co-teacher Paul Roear, Laura has presented on, and conducted workshops, with Ritual Body Postures around the world from 2000 to present. 
Laura has parlayed her career as radio talk show host of the nationally syndicated “Laura Lee Show” to an outreach and research program, Conversation4Exploration for CI. Laura and Paul interview a wide range of interdisciplinary scholars in the arts and sciences to ‘move the dial through dialogue’ and better understand our world and our place in it, while “expanding our bandwidth”. Laura Lee earned a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from the University of Washington. 
Laura Lee and Paul have put in their 10,000 hours with this work, a few times over, with a personal practice of CI’s Ritual Body Posture (RBP) Ecstatic Trance for some three decades, two of those teaching this around the world, the last decade also co-directing CI. They worked directly with CI’s founder, anthropologist Dr. Felicitas D. Goodman, from the first time they met in 1994 over the airwaves during a two-hour radio interview, til her passing in 2005. 
Laura left hosting The Laura Lee Show, her popular, top-rated nationally-syndicated terrestrial radio talk show, to join Paul full-time teaching the work of CI in on-site, in-person workshops. The pandemic prompted them to offer this work online, and they continue to host twice or thrice weekly RBP Zoom events, open to all, building an international community. They teach how to teach this work, with their Community Host Program, recently attended by people from over 15 countries. They also co-host Conversation4Exploration interviews with a wide range of guests from the arts to the sciences. These events with a live audience are recorded and posted to CI’s YouTube, Facebook, and Podcast channels. 
Laura and Paul are working with the husband-wife team Todd and Christine VanPool, both Professors of Anthropology at the University of Missouri, on innovative new research projects and grants mapping the neurological shift and cultural history of this ritual-based activation of altered states of conscious, and flourishing, without use of synthetic drugs or plant medicine. “The empowering message is that the joy, creativity,  of these states is our physiological birthright, readily and easily achieved without
need of outside agents. Entering into a state of ‘the waking dream’ may not be common in today’s culture, but it is certainly normal. This capacity was known by our earliest ancestors, and well-utilized through rituals with sound induction and simple sitting and standing postures, documented in art work. Today its more relevant and needed than ever.” 

Jackie Haworth Hoy


Jackie has served as a member of the Cuyamungue Board of Directors for many years and is currently the secretary. She became involved in the Ecstatic Trance work in the 1980’s after attending an introductory workshop by Dr. Goodman. Since that time she has participated in and led weekly trance groups, introductory workshops, and numerous Masked Trance Dances. Jackie plans to be retiring in the near future from her career as a teacher and counselor, and plans to expand her work as an instructor for Cuyamungue Institute.

Jackie Haworth Hoy
2115 Eastgate Rd.
Toledo OH 43614

Cynthia Devlin, LPC


Cynthia began a “sabbatical” in the SW with CI’s Hero’s Journey workshop more than five years ago and has served on the Board since then, currently as Treasurer. She recently relocated to New Mexico and continues to offer a holistic individual and couple counseling practice with a strong commitment to cultivating emotional wellness.  Cynthia has a passion for integrating ancient and evolving spiritual practices in her personal and professional life. She has enjoyed leading participants at CI workshops in creating unique mandalas for integration and healing.

Cynthia Devlin
Santa Fe, NM. 87508

Stephanie Stephens

Board member Stephanie Stephens lives in Columbus, Ohio, which is where she became involved with the Cuyamungue Institute. Her first experience with trance work was at a workshop lead by Belinda Gore. Stephanie graduated from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, with a Bachelor of Music degree and has an M.A. in Music Education from The Ohio State University. She presently teaches vocal music to middle and high school students, but is fast approaching retirement, this being her 31st year of service. She is very involved in theatre, working regularly as a music director in and around Columbus. She lives in a quiet neighborhood on the west side of Ohio’s capital city with her partner Bruce and their two dogs Waldo, a boxer, and Zoe, a French Bulldog

Stephanie Stephens 
3014 Olive Ave
Columbus, OH 43204

Julie Strider Nichol

Julie was initially trained as an architect and spent 15 years as an associate with a firm in Sussex before deciding to become completely freelance as a surveyor. Julie was first introduced to ecstatic body postures during a year-long Shamanic course in 2003. Although The Bear Posture and the Nupe Mallum were just two of the dozens of Shamanic rituals that she undertook that weekend, she was drawn to spend the next five years studying and practicing the postures alone, until, in 2008, she finally tripped over to the Cuyamungue Institute! She is delighted to be a certified teacher, holds workshops in Sussex, England, and attends summer festivals where she can introduce people to the wonders of the postures. Recently, Julie has been appointed as the Adult Education teacher in Shamanism for West Sussex County Council! Her work with Labyrinths started about 5 years ago as she would make temporary labyrinths from ribbon and rope on various landscapes to celebrate the seasons, and have also run one day long workshops on the labyrinth. It was her inspiration and contributing effort that brought a permanent 40 ft diameter labyrinth to the Cuyamungue Institute.

Julie Strider Nichol
218, High Street
West Sussex, England
TN22 1RE