April 29 – May 5, 2024 

Join us for a magical and transformative workshop “Awakening Your Inner Fire,” where we will celebrate the essence of Fertility Abundance Passion and Renewal. Inspired by ancient traditions the Maypole dance and Beltane festivities, this immersive experience is designed to ignite the spark within you and reconnect you with the powerful forces of nature and your inner self. Together we embrace the powerful energy of Springtime, in this window mid-way between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice.  

Workshop Highlights:

    • Fertility and Abundance Rituals: Explore practices that tap into the fertile energy of the Earth, harnessing the abundance that surrounds us. Set intentions for your own growth and engage in rituals to manifest your desires.

    • Ignite Your Passion: Delve into the depths of your passions and desires. Through guidedRitual Posture sessions and exploratory exercises, uncover the inner flames that drive our life’s direction and creativity.

    • Renewal and Rebirth: Embrace the cycles of nature as a metaphor for personal transformation. Engage in renewal ceremonies that empower us to shed old patterns and welcome new beginnings.

    • Nature Connection: Immerse yourself in the natural world, fostering a deep connection with the elements. You’ll have the opportunity to participate in outdoor activities that strengthen your bond with the earth, fire, air, water, and spirit.

    • Community and Connection: Share this journey with like-minded individuals, building a sense of community and belonging. Collaborate with others to co-create a powerful and sacred space for transformation and growth.

    Awaken your inner fire and step into a world of fertility, abundance, passion, and renewal. This workshop is a unique opportunity to celebrate the beauty of life, connect with the wisdom of ancient traditions, and kindle the flame within your heart. Join us for an unforgettable experience of self-discovery and empowerment in the embrace of nature’s eternal cycles.

More Information
Beltane. In lighting the Bel-fire together we take part in an ancient and universal ritual of community healing and intention. These sacred magical fires were found in cultures from Europe to China, from Africa to the Middle East, and across Native America.
Maypole. The Maypole Dance weaves the colors together, symbolic of the union of god and goddess, the spiral of life and the union of earth and sky. A tradition dating from ancient Rome, this festival was popularised across Europe (especially in Germanic and Scandinavian countries). Folklore dedicated the Maypole and dancing to the goddess and the festival and ceremony symbolized the arrival of spring and the Earth awakening after its winter slumber.  For both young women and young men, it was symbolic of their commitment to care for and nurture each other and the Web of All Our Interconnected Relations, honoring the gifts each brings. 

WHO: Up to 16 participants max
WHAT: Awakening Your Inner Fire
WHEN: April 29th – May 5th
WHERE: Megalithic Domes – Landmark Extreme Home! Sedona Arizona
WHY: Using a series and sequence of Ritual Postures, this workshop is a unique opportunity to celebrate the beauty of life, connect with the wisdom of ancient traditions, and kindle the flame within your heart. Join us for an unforgettable experience of self-discovery and empowerment in the embrace of nature’s eternal cycles.

This retreat is a deep dive into the mysteries, with a small and intimate gathering. If you are a regular attendee of our Zoom sessions, you’ve met many of your fellow explorers of the Alternate Reality already! Let’s come together, here in Sedona, as changemakers to reclaim right relation — with self, community, and the universe at large. And as storytellers writing the next chapter of our individual and collective story. As liasons, listening to our ancestors, to bring forward their wisdom to help light our path. Let’s come together to celebrate with Ritual Body Postures leading us into Ecstatic Trance to amp up our life force, and restore our balance — make our path forward a little more sure-footed!  (Scroll Down for a Gallery of 36 photos!) 

LOCATION: Our sacred space is Sedona
, Arizona, 350 million years in the making. Nature took her time to sculpt these red rocks, through earth thrusts, sea changes, wind and rain. We are blessed beneath our feet with an ancient aquifer, supplied by snowmelt from  the sacred mountains of Flagstaff. Desert plants are hardy survivors, adaptable, resilient, with a long history of water conservation. All lessons with can use today, known and practiced by the Sinagua, ancestors to the Hopi, who left their mark here. Writing in petroglyphs on the cliffs, they too journaled their spirit journeys. (See photos below)
Energy vortexes here buzz with magnetism, stirring the blood with vital force. In the shadow of Bell and Cathedral Rock, sits our Domes. The embrace of these half-spheres lets it incubate, the egg-shaped architecture being natural collectors of the sacred essence of the land. Our 30-foot diameter “Domehenge” natural rock column circle invites you in to walk the labyrinth, and later roll out a yoga mat. Sedona’s designated dark skies give view to the Milky Way with its boundless, beckoning ‘twinkling campfires of worlds beyond worlds”. 

Our curriculum is in large part set by Spirit. Our practice of Ritual Body Postures grants us passage to the Alternate Reality, where we sit in counsel with Source. We will call forth deep personal insight, life lessons and solace, as we dance with the Mysteries. These are welcome gifts, as we gear up for the next steps in our soul’s journey, knowing Mother Earth, and the Cosmos herself, have our back. 

In this Intensive we will:

  • Greet the spirits of this land and sky
  • Tune to the magnetic field generated by this iron-infused, red rock landscape
  • Experience the energy flow inside the resonance acoustic chambers of these domes 
  • Activate our connection with Spirit through Ritual Postures, twice daily
  • Come together in rituals for fire and water, earth and sky, sun and moon
  • Share our goals and dreams in roundtable discussions
  • Dance and sing with the Ancestors 
  • Greet the morning sun with walking meditations in the Rock Circle Labyrinth
  • Stargaze under Sedona’s dark skies, around the campfire
  • Take time to rest, reflect, restore
Our twice-daily Ritual Body Posture sessions will take us on an immersive journey, exploring our soul themes and destiny, through spirit’s input, energies and messages, tracing our destiny and emerging new roles. Ecstatic Trance brings us face to face with the hem of something larger than ourselves, that knows us, in surprising ways, better than we know ourselves. As we ask how we each may be of service, we’ll find old and new gifts bestowed to us, to light our path forward. Deep listening to what our soul may reveal is enhanced in our journaling, creative expression, and group conversation. We’ll also find time for personal exploration, and for resting with the earth here, too.
  • Gain knowledge from collective wisdom and profound shared insights
  • Engage in collaborative introspection, and contemplative sessions.
  • Experience a sense of belonging not only to Earth but to the entire Universe, bridging your individuality with the fundamental forces molding the cosmos.
  • Depart with a refreshed outlook, enabling you to perceive your life through the expansive lens of the universe.
  • Join a shared journey, uniting participants in a collective experience. 
Sedona’s Village of Oak Creek neighborhood is a mile down the road. This small desert town has a surprining array of cafes, galleries, gift shops, bike rental, an upscale grocery store, and if you’ve forgotten something, well-stocked charity thrift stores.   
We will re-wild our senses and we unwind, dancing to the beat of Mother Earth’s heart in flow state, through:
  • Individual and group activities 
  • Widening the bandwidth of perception
  • Art and journaling
  • Embodied movement
  • Meditative moments 
  • Sharing our stories and life adventures
  • Sacred ceremonies with fire and water blessings
  • Earth and heart-centered practices
  • Roundtable discussions to learn from one another, share our stories
  • Listening for what Nature, also our co-facilitator, brings in for our journey together
This arid desert’s flora and fauna demands respect. is welcoming and gentle, holding the imprint of those who came before, who too rejoiced in its power and beauty. Bring water bottles. Hiking shoes with good treads. Wide brimmed hats and sunscreen. Tweezers are handy should you brush up against cactus or catclaw brush. Watch your step – scorpions and snakes abound. 
We begin with refreshments and a group dinner, followed by introductions and sharing a bit about the ‘call to adventure’ that brought us together, in a roundtable sharing around the fire pit in the courtyard, under the starlight night sky. Next morning, an early wake-up call for our first of our many journeys to the Alternate Reality! 
Rituals open the portal within, our passage way for transformative, direct experiences to engage with spirit, who transport us on our spirit journeys. Prior practice and familiarity with Ritual Body Posture and Ecstatic Trance is assumed for this advanced course. If at this time you are new to this work, you have plenty of time to attend our introductory Saturday sessions online before you arrive. These sessions are free and open to all, and include a brief orientation for an optimal experience. This will greatly enhance and optimize the depth and ease of your dive into this immersive week.  
Accommodations that we provide are shared with your fellow participants. Eye masks and ear plugs are helpful items to have on hand. If you prefer more private quarters, ask for a list of nearby Airbnbs. The Hilton Sedona Resort at Bell Rock is just up the road. If you’ll be arriving in an RV or travel trailer, we have plenty of space for you to park on our 3.5 acres. 
Meals are mostly vegetarian. You are welcome to bring additional items for a special diet. To accommodate most everyone, menus are designed to assemble, from that evening’s toppings, the buddha-bowl, burrito, pasta, or baked potato the way you like it. We’ll all take turns in the kitchen prepping meals and cleaning up for dinner and brunch. Or, during the midday break, you may wish to grab a picnic to get a head start exploring the town or a nearby vortex trail. 
Travel light, space for luggage is limited. Bring a journal and pens, comfortable loose or stretch clothing appropriate for sacred work, sturdy shoes for hiking, shoes easy to slip on and off, sunglasses, sun hat, sun screen. And a warm jacket for star gazing. You may also wish to bring, or find while here, a small, meaningful object to place on the altar, and take home with you.

Total Cost for this retreat is $795.00 USD
Includes 6 nights accommodation at the Sedona Domes in Sedona Arizona, dinners and brunch, coffee and tea. Our well taps into the water of an ancient aquifer fed by Flagstaff’s snowmelt, so no need to bring bottled water. Do bring your favorite beverages and some snacks and treats to share, and anything extra you need for a special diet. Please pay upon booking, or arrange a payment plan in advance.

Workshop Objectives:

Exploring Personal Development & Revelation

  • Using the power of selected Ritual Body Postures a means of self-discovery and growth.
  • A chance to build and continue exploring personal strengths, including  values, passions, and life experiences.
  • We will have exercises and discussions to encourage participants to embrace their unique gifts and understand how they influence their perception of the world.

Cultivating Self-Awareness and Inner Knowledge

  • Introducing mindful /self-reflection rituals to foster self-awareness and emotional freedom.
  • Personal time  to navigate our  inner landscape with a fresh perspective.
  • We will connect with each other, build meaningful relationships, and embrace diversity of ideas to enhance their understanding of different perspectives.

Sharing the Power of Ritual

We will be deeply engaged in daily ritual. Rituals hold a significant power and have been practiced by humans across cultures and time periods. Rituals provide the context for transformative experiences that mark personal or collective transitions. 

The Community Effect: Amplifying the Emerging Experience

Gathering individuals together with a shared vision is incredibly powerful. When people come together with a shared vision, there is a collective energy and  Spirit inspiration that emerges.  Group trance posture sessions harnesses a unique and powerful collective energy, enhancing the individual and collective experience of  the posture journey.  The collective energy can deepen the trance posture experience for each participant. Also we have witnessed the birthing of synchronization and resonance among participants. Participants report that it generates a collective field of healing and transformation.

Cost: $795.00 - Food and lodging included

($825.00) after April 10, 2024

Course Instructor: Paul Robear

President / Executive Director of the Cuyamungue Institute.

As director of the Cuyamungue Institute, Paul Robear led the organization with unwavering dedication and a profound commitment to its mission. Under his visionary leadership, the institute continues to flourishes and becoming a beacon of exploration, research, and education in the field of consciousness studies.

Paul  has spearheaded groundbreaking research projects that delved into the ancient practices of ecstatic trance and shamanic journeying, shedding light on the profound wisdom and healing potential contained within these traditions. Recognizing the importance of disseminating knowledge and empowering individuals, Robear expanded the institute’s educational programs. He developed innovative workshops and training sessions, inviting renowned scholars and practitioners from various disciplines to share their expertise. Through these initiatives, the Cuyamungue Institute became a global hub for the exploration of altered states of consciousness and their practical applications.

Robear’s passion for preserving indigenous wisdom and fostering cross-cultural understanding led to fruitful collaborations with indigenous communities worldwide. With wife Laura lee, they established partnerships with traditional healers and spiritual leaders, facilitating the exchange of knowledge and promoting cultural appreciation. Through these efforts, the institute became a bridge between ancient wisdom and modern scientific inquiry.

Beyond his role as director, Paul Robear was known for his warmth, humility, and deep respect for others. He nurtured a supportive and inclusive environment within the institute, fostering collaboration and empowering individuals to pursue their unique paths of exploration and growth.

Course Instructor: Laura Lee

Board Member of Cuyamungue Institute.

Laura Lee and her husband Paul are the Co-Directors of the Cuyamungue Institute (CI), a 501-c-3 non-profit educational research organization, a worldwide headquarters in Santa Fe, New Mexico. They are leading authorities on the practice of Ecstatic Trance Postures and the work of the late anthropologist Felicitas D Goodman. They teach and speak widely at online and in-person events, write the CI website, newsletter, articles, social media, manuals, add to the research and to CI’s extensive, 50-year collection of archives, and more.
They worked with Dr. Goodman the last ten years of her life and since 2000 have taught this work  around the world. For the last ten years they’ve been at the helm of CI. They’ve certainly put in their 10,000 hours a few times over!