Masked Trance Dance

Join in on a long-standing tradition at the Institute! From our visionary spirit journeys in the Kiva, we create masks and costumes, while weaving together a mythic dance in celebration of the Web of Life

Where: The Cuyamungue Institute – Santa Fe, New Mexico
Instructors: Paul Robear, Laura Lee
Cost: $545.00 –Includes Food and lodging during the workshop and the basic art materials. Upon registration we will provide details and what to bring.

(See Article on the History of Masked Trance Dances)

July 14 - 19, 2020

The Masked Trance Dance is a intensive workshop that is a centerpiece at the Cuyamungue Institute, the worldwide headquarters in Santa Fe, New Mexico. In this workshop, we use Ecstatic Trance Postures to journey to the alternate reality. An animal spirit will appear, as the inspiration for our mask and costume.

We collectively weave together a ritual dance whose meaning becomes known as we each contribute our part. The ritual dance that emerges from integrating the group’s collective trance experiences tells a mythic story and culminates in a metamorphosis dance.

We allow the dance existing within us to rise up and express itself. Drop away the thought process, connect to the present moment and open ourselves to the universal mind experience that manifests itself through ritual dance. This sets the stage for a deep and empowering journey that creates healing and transformation.

**Space is limited**

Cost: $545.00 - Food and lodging included

($575.00 after April 15)

Course Instructor: Paul Robear

President / Executive Director of the Cuyamungue Institute.

Paul has developed a life long appreciation of the teachings of indigenous Elders who share ancient wisdom with spiritual insight, providing practical solutions for modern cultures and technologies. This led to the discovery of the Ecstatic Trance Postures. As a student, Paul worked directly with The founder of the Cuyamungue Institute , Dr. Felicitas Goodman – A  highly regarded expert in linguistics and anthropology who re-dscovered this ground breaking research into trance states using ritual body postures. As a practitioner of the Cuyamungue Method since the early 90′s, Paul has been deeply affected by the profound nature of the experiences which led to his desire to support the work by accepting the role as Institute President.

Paul discovered the magic of playing native flutes more than 20 years ago., This has lead to acquiring his own distinctive style whilst retaining the spirit of the tradition. As Paul began playing the native flute, the lure of the ancients proved irresistible. Says Paul “It became immediately clear that this is an instrument one is to use with reverence and with prayerful intent.”  Within the his ritual practice, Paul uses flute as a gateway both to enter the alternative reality and to the return while providing a smooth transition and establishing greater comfort of “Walking between the Worlds.”

Course Instructor: Laura Lee

Board Member of Cuyamungue Institute.

“I was captivated by all she had to say,” says Laura Lee, of her first meeting with Dr. Goodman, over the phone, during an interview for her nationally syndicated radio show. “I have long been interested in finding my own indigenous roots, and in tapping into a natural way of achieving the expanded states of consciousness. And here she was offering immediate and profound solutions. She talked of  ’psychological archeology’, of experiencing the worldview of our ancestors by altering the physiology, as they had done, to tap into an expanded state of awareness. She explained this as ‘body wisdom’, an innate, in-built legacy of our nervous system — so different from belief systems and human constructs, which I am wary of, of how the world should be. Felicitas then sent me a booklet that explained how to do this on my own. I had an experience that demonstrated without question that this was real, that here was a way to continue, safely, easily, and ‘on demand’, the spontaneous mystical experiences I’d had since childhood. Soon Paul and I were heading to Santa Fe for workshops at the Institute, and further interview with Felicitas. The surprise is that these experiences are an easy, natural part of who we are, and not so ‘out there.’ I felt I’d come home! And now I’m paying it forward, working with the outreach effort to bring this, universal a method as it is, to all who resonate with it.”