Men’s Conclave at Cuyamungue

by Paul Robear

Moche Owl Warrior

This gathering provides a chance for us to share as friends, mentors, brothers, fathers, sons. Amid our fast changing, fast-paced lives, the demands and pressures that men face today require an extraordinary level of courage, authenticity and tenacity. We seek ways to boost our self reliance, independence, and intuition as men, and to regain and strengthen our spirituality as men. The current climate around the world, socially, environmentally, politically and spiritually requires us to be fully functioning human beings and authentic, spiritual warriors. The Cuyamungue Method offers a safe, effective and direct experience of our authentic self – a way for our inner voice to sound off! Accessing this deeper connection with spirit inspires us to connect more meaningfully in all facets of our lives. We embrace greater levels of integrity, boldness, and compassion which is enriched by the transforming power of men coming together in shared experience.

What will you learn?
The series of postures you will learn in this workshop are specifically chosen to tap our masculinity while fostering the deep spiritual, emotional, and personal growth that comes from the expansive experience of Universal Mind. Coming together in a safe, comfortable setting creates a conducive environment to tap into one’s own self. The posture experiences provide a solid foundation to explore all aspects of life to achieve greater clarity, vision and direction. The experience of expanded consciousness can facilitate better leadership capabilities, creative problem solving, and collaborative decision making. Through this method, direct connection with Spirit provides the basis for personal growth, insight, and transformation. As well as having some fun, and building community!

Spiritual Warrior

Father Sky – Susan Seddon Boulet

Culturally, many of us struggle with our spirituality because we don’t feel religious or we fear such a pursuit may reflect a weakness in our  manhood. However, the most natural role of a man is to be deeply spiritual. It is the fulfillment of our core nature to become Spiritual Warriors. Our earliest ancestors knew this, relying on rites of passage to demarcate the steps from boyhood to manhood. Anthropologists suggest a successful warrior class is essential to every tribe’s survival. While almost every culture had various rites of passage, there was a wide diversity in the ceremonies and rituals. In this workshop, we will conduct a variety of rituals and activities alongside our spirit journeys in the kiva.

Men’s Intuition
Not for women only! Intuition is defined as “the ability to acquire knowledge without inference and/or the use of reason.” It is a natural, inner knowingness. A study of successful businessmen found those at the top saying they often relied on “gut feeling” or a” hunch” beyond the outer data.   Indeed, having “a hunch” and “feeling in one’s gut” sounds more masculine than saying one has a vision or intuition. History offers many cases of some of the greatest decisions and inventions that have come from men of vision, who listened to their intuition.

Relationship Goddess and the Divine Masculine

For over two thousand years many cultures have ascribed or assigned the male gender to their gods. The Divine is most often referred to as ‘He’. We have become accustomed to thinking of God as male.  Yet the Divine Feminine has also had a strong presence throughout history.

As with the Goddess Spirituality, the sacred feminine, the celebration and experience of the sacred masculine also needs to be rediscovered to maintain balance. When balance is not maintained it causes stress not only on the individual but also on your relationships and ultimately on society as a whole. Feminine and masculine are two aspects of the same reality and so we seek balanced within each individual.

From an anthropological standpoint, we find male archetypes from cultures around the world: the warrior/hero, the hunter, the priest/magician, the lover and the king.

Through the practice of the Cuyamungue Method, your experience brings about a greater balance and harmony within yourself, and thus strengthen your relationship with Divine Masculine.

Who Can Attend?
This is an open event, embracing men of all beliefs, colors, walks of life, economic, social, political, sexual orientation, and religious backgrounds. Space is limted to 15 participants.

What is Included: Room and Board throughout the workshop. Art Materials.

2017: Men’s Conclave – September 19th – 24th , 2017
Cuyamungue Institute – SantaFe NM

Arrive September 19th afternoon/early evening.  Ends at Sunday noon, September 24th, 2017
Cost: $425.00 – Food and Lodging included ($450.00 after July 1, 2017) Contact us

Course Instructor: Paul Robear

Paul Robear  – President / Executive Director of the Cuyamungue Institute

Paul has developed a life long appreciation of the teachings of indigenous Elders who share ancient wisdom with spiritual insight, providing practical solutions for modern cultures and technologies. This led to the discovery of the Cuyamungue Method. As a student, Paul worked directly with The founder of the Cuyamungue Institute , Dr. Felicitas Goodman – A  highly regarded expert in linguistics and anthropology who re-dscovered this ground breaking research into trance states using ritual body postures. As a practitioner of the Cuyamungue Method since the early 90′s, Paul has been deeply affected by the profound nature of the experiences which led to his desire to support the work by accepting the role as Institute President and Executive Director.

Above image – *** Moche Owl Warrior – This ceramic vessel of a supernatural owl warrior illustrates the Moche people of northern Peru association with warriors. These vessels frequently featured beings with characteristics of both people, plants and animals.