The Cuyamungue Institute

The Cuyamungue Institute is the international head -quarters for the practice of Ecstatic Trance Postures, established by anthropologist Dr. Felicitas D. Goodman and has provided the home for the discovery and experiences of Ecstatic Trance Postures for over four decades.

Ecstatic Trance Postures – Rx for Difficult Times 

Join us!

Virtual Posture Gatherings

For the last two months we have been hosting bi-weekly Virtual Ecstatic Trance Posture gatherings. 
People “zoomed in” from around the world!
It is truly exciting and heartwarming to gather our global CI family especially in difficult times when we need the collective strength of community.
Thank you!

Ecstatic Trance
Advanced/Exploratory Session

Wednesday June 03
Wednesday June 10
Wednesday June 17
Wednesday June 24 __________________________

Advanced participants join together to further one’s own experience and to support the ongoing research of the Cuyamungue Institute.

Together we will go deeper into the understanding and experiences of the Ecstatic Trance Postures.
Different posture each week.

Virtual via Zoom

Ecstatic Trance
Open Session

Saturday June 6
Saturday June 13
Saturday June 20
Saturday June 27

Ecstatic Trance Postures — Open Session for all Participants, from Introductory to Advanced – everyone is welcome! This is the revival of an ancient practice of consciousness expanding, spirit journey experiences using Ecstatic Trance Postures, derived from ancient artwork the world over. A simple, safe method with over forty years of verified use; based on artifacts, some over thirty-thousand years old. Different posture each week.
Virtual via Zoom

About This Work

     Ecstatic Trance Postures (ETP): Ancient Technique for Safe, Natural Physiological Shift into Direct Experience of the Eternal Now and Ancestral Wisdom.”
     Our mission at the Cuyamungue Institute is to introduce, sustain, and support the practice and research of trance states we believe were once widely enjoyed by our early, indigenous ancestors worldwide. A tradition lost through the millennia on our march to our modern day, it was the daring and insightful work of anthropologist Felicitas D. Goodman who revived the practice. She looked to some of the oldest, most authentic records we have, the world’s collection of early and indigenous art, decoding selected artifact as “ritual instructions” and adding that to universal
     For over fifty years, students of the Cuyamungue Institute have employed the simple “access codes” Goodman rediscovered for a natural, easy, drug-free physiological shift into ecstatic states. The term “ecstatic” is an appropriate description for both the experience of blissful oneness with the Universe at large, as well as the dramatic surge of beta-endorphins, the body’s internally manufactured biochemicals support states of well-being and joy, that we see in lab tests of this process. If you have ever had a daydream, you can easily slip into this trance state. “Waking dream” is also an apt term for this state, characterized in EEG tests by the highly unusual combination of Beta plus Theta Waves. Unusual in that Theta Waves, the brain waves of that delicious mystical dream state, are not ordinarily simultaneously present with Beta Waves, the dominant brain waves of daily waking life. So we know something out of the ordinary is happening with this trance state — out of the ordinary, yes, but within the realm of normal and natural. This is a unique, specific physiological shift, surprisingly easily achieved, and once known, enjoyed, valued and held sacred by early societies. While today the general consensus is that only mystics can achieve this mystical state, early societies held that everyone had equal access, and those who could not were the exception, not the norm.

What does one experience in Ecstatic Trance Postures? Click here for first-hand reports.

Dr Goodman instructing how to hold a Ecstatic Posture position

It Works

The reports of hundreds of research subjects and thousands of workshop participants have confirmed that ordinary people can have quite extraordinary experiences. The Cuyamungue Method of Ecstatic Ritual Postures is a very safe technique, which also stimulates ones own healing abilities.

To enter repeatedly and purposefully into a state of trance and to tune in to a different field of consciousness produces changes due not only to biochemical processes within the body. The experience of these feelings does have an effect on the unfolding of one’s own being without being connected to conditions, demands, and dependency. In the state of trance, which is a higher awareness of the inner world, one is able to connect oneself with a different information field of consciousness that constantly creates itself and always leads to new insights and points of view. 

Practitioners enjoy these benefits:
  • Feelings of healing and increased wellness
  • Reduced Stress & Tension
  • Increased Happiness
  • Inspired Ecstatic feelings of oneness with other people, nature, the universe
  • Enhanced brain function – clearer thinking ability.
  • Awaken creativity
  • Aid in memory and concentration
  • Have positive immune system responses – a feeling of strength.
  • Enhance communication – better understanding and relationship with people in your life
  • Support peace of mind, feelings of comfort, and release of anxiety.
  • feelings of expansion – greater intuitive insights into ones life

"Mystical experiences are achievable via a normal and natural physiological shift, easily accessible to everyone with a healthy nervous system. Such states are our birthright, independent of any one belief system or dogma."

Laura Lee