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Global Collective Consciousness Network: Mission Statement

Cuyamungue Institute International Community Network

We are participating in an emerging Global Collective Consciousness that has the potential to advance our world at this critical stage of planetary evolution. This consciousness fosters a sustainable and flourishing world that recognizes humanity’s interconnectedness with all life. Currently, we are living under an outmoded paradigm of material self-interest, which threatens our civilization and Earth’s biosphere. 

Our mission is to respect all relevant disciplines, experience, understanding, and available resources on the various aspects of global collective consciousness. We are committed to creating an inclusive process that allows the synthesis with the world community that addresses global collective consciousness. This is reflected in three main areas: education, collaboration, and direct experience.
  • Education. Global Collective Consciousness refers to a collective awareness and interconnectedness that extends beyond national or cultural boundaries. It encompasses the recognition of our shared humanity, the interdependence of nations and ecosystems, and the understanding that global challenges require cooperative solutions. Education that promotes global consciousness emphasizes learning about different cultures, histories, and perspectives. We also recognize that media plays a significant role in shaping collective consciousness. Mass media disseminate information and influence public opinions on various issues, and can amplify certain beliefs or values, thereby impacting the collective consciousness. We continue to offer alternative conversations as part of our mission to expand the most of what our Information Age has to offer when we can peer further and deeper, from the microcosm to the macrocosm, to understand better and celebrate our world and our place in it.


  • Collaboration. We encourage working with like-minded organizations as a powerful way to amplify our efforts, share resources, and achieve common goals. Reaching out and identifying organizations that align with our mission, values, and objectives. Building relationships is crucial. Attending networking events, conferences, and workshops both online and in-person to connect with representatives from other organizations. 
  • Direct Experience. Direct experience is the best teacher! We find participants share the common elements of the experience in Ritual Body Postures. This demonstrates that we enter an active state of Collective Consciousness as we all tap into this grand evolutionary force and field of consciousness, and what it has to gift us and teach us about ourselves and our place in this cosmos, and equips us with what we need to find our way. We are committed to transforming consciousness through the ancient wisdom of Ecstatic Trance Postures and are committed to the study of “ASC” Altered States of Consciousness as a natural extension of the human experience.

The Cuyamungue Institute continues to follow the convergence of science, physics, and spirituality as part of our exploration of universal consciousness, a collective and global consciousness, as it continues to be studied in psychology, sociology, neuroscience, and philosophy. We are encouraged by this intersection, which has led to interdisciplinary research and discussions that seek to bridge the gap between traditionally separate domains of the human story. We look to both scientific and spiritual insights that contribute to our understanding, first, of our direct experiences during the practice of Ritual Postures and, second, the fundamental nature of reality itself. The collective and individual are not separate. They work as an interdependent system. This shared or collective awareness transcends individual perspectives and encompasses a collective action needed for global healing.