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Ecstatic Trance PosturesSaturday Open Session  Free Event (12 Noon Eastern)

NEW TO THIS PRACTICE? This is your first stop, as we begin with a brief introductory “how-to” so you may optimize your experience. Bring a journal or paper, and a couple pens  to record your experience, with words or sketches. Bring an open heart and mind, with the expectation of having a wonderful experience.

FOR AN OPTIMAL EXPERIENCE, we suggest these logistical steps: minimize disruptions by plugging in your computer (Zoom eats up battery) turn off phones and put a “do not disturb” sign on the door. Pets which are activated by this state are best left in another room. To harness all the energy of the body for this highly active visionary spirit journey, don’t eat immediately prior lest your body busy itself with digestion. We use over a hundred different postures, selecting one per session. Some require a straight back chair or low stool. Small cushions are handy, especially when kneeling or sitting on the floor cross-legged. Deep emotional release can happen and body temperature can change, so Kleenex and a shawl or blanket are good to have on hand.

WHAT IS ECSTATIC TRANCE RITUAL BODY POSTURES? This is the revival of an ancient practice for spirit journeying, through a ritual powered by ‘sonic driving’ with the monotone, fast beat of traditional gourd rattle or hand drum, while standing or sitting in a posture as depicted in select ancient artwork the world over, the oldest artifact dating to 40,000 years. We use no outside agents or substances, relying on this simple yet profound ritual to activate our physiology to shift gears, from our everyday reality to an alternate reality — one that we know well, on some deep level, as our body-brain-mind reads cues in the ritual to naturally and effortlessly make this shift. A Sense of Calm, Peace & Balance, Direct-knowing, Restoration, Metamorphosis, Revitalization & Personal Evolution. As seen in the lab, hallmarks of this shift include a decrease of stress hormones and huge increase of the beta-endorphins for well-being and joy. We remain awake and aware in Beta Brain Waves, simultaneously joined by the Theta Waves of the dream state — thus we enter a hybrid state where the dreaming and waking mind meet, a ‘waking dream’. We also find blood pressure drops (within safe levels) while pulse rate rises. This is a normal state, built into our DNA, perhaps no longer a common state. We say we have one foot in our everyday reality while we place a foot in this alternate reality, crossing a magical threshold for this visionary journey. The cessation of the rattle or drum is the body’s cue to return safely to our everyday state. Do note that you are always in control, and at any time you may choose to end this journey early; simply open your eyes and break the posture, and sit quietly. Once the group returns from the trance state, we go around the circle, one by one, and briefly share our experiences. This is instructive, and we find correlations and general themes arising, similar elements of experience, all that help confirm our own experiences.

WHO THIS IS FOR? For those with a healthy nervous system. this is a practice activating an ‘inner technology’ you have within. Perhaps its been dormant — we are handing you the keys to throw open this door, to dial up on demand an encounter with something larger than ourselves. It may all be within our mind, or it may be that we engage a force of Nature that governs us and the web of life. We may call it “the spirits” — we use a mytho-poetic language here — but there is no dogma, no belief system. This belongs not to any one culture or religion or language, it’s for all of us. Just direct experience with “the field”… Universal Mind… The All.. the great ocean of being.. so many terms that the sages of the ages have give this state. Mystical encounters are our birthright. This is just one of many ways to access it — and a very easy, user-friendly, safe and natural way. People for the first time can have peak experiences. We invite you to take the keys and take this for a test drive!  Free event – terms and conditions

Advanced participants join together to further one’s own experience and to support the ongoing research of the Cuyamungue Institute. Together we will go deeper into the understanding and experiences of the Ecstatic Trance Postures. Advanced Participants (those who have completed a minimum of five introductory ETP sessions in Zoom or in a workshop setting) further our understanding with ongoing experiential research for Cuyamungue Institute. This is where we take new, exploratory postures “out for a test drive” one week, and the next, fashion the props (the hats, collars, face paint, or held objects) that we see on the originating artifacts to see what influence they may have. As we are assured you’re well versed in this practice, we omit the introductory “how-to” in the beginning, which gives us a little more time for sharing experiences and general discussion towards the end of our two-hour session.
Every Wednesday – 2 hour session.

Free event – terms and conditions

Join the conversation as we talk with the leading edge in the arts and sciences and go exploring — its a big universe out there! Every guest helps us fill in a piece of the Grand Puzzle of Life, with every conversation those eternal questions — who are we, where did we come from, where are we going — come into sharper focus. We make the most of our Information Age, when we can peer further and deeper, from the microcosm to the macrocosm, to better understand and celebrate our world and our place in it — and make a difference. And as an educational institution, we recognize to thrive, we must keep growing and broaden the scope of our work to the latest discoveries and theories in neuroscience, anthropology, archeology, archaeoastronomy, eco-spirituality, ecology, philosophy, psychology, mythology, shamanism, ritual, the heroes journey, the roots of theatre, deep history, art history — the full range of the arts and sciences — That’s why we call it Conversation for Exploration. Here’s where the “aha moments” await, along with an international community of fellow explorers. Our Free Events are open to all. And you can catch up recent discussions on our YouTube, Facebook and Podcasts — hope to see you there!   MORE Information

Every Sunday – 2 hour Free Event

This late Monday afternoon/early evening in North America, which is early Tuesday morning for those in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore works better for some. Let us know if you are new to the practice and this is the best time for you to join in — send an email in advance 😉

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The One-day Intensives at CI provide a in-depth Ecstatic Trance Posture experience without the time commitment needed for our longer workshops. Dates and times to be announced… READ MORE

PLEASE NOTE: Do not use Ecstatic Trance Postures or the Cuyamungue Method as a replacement for medical care… READ MORE. Want more information? Contact us and we will answer your questions and connect you directly with the workshop instructor(s).