Conversation4Exploration is our Sunday discussion series with the leading edge on the multi-disciplinary spectrum from the arts to the sciences, past present and future, micro to macrocosm, and everything in-between. We dive into the Big Rethink that is underway for those ‘aha moments’, to better navigate, and hopefully, have a voice in it.  We post these talks to our YouTube and Facebook Video channels. Where our guest did not share images in a screen share, we also post to Podcasts, along with interviews from our days hosting The Laura Lee Show on nationally syndicated terrestrial radio. To join our Sunday talks live, see the list of Upcoming Guests, with a link to register for the Zoom Room. Hope to see you there, and we thank you for joining us! — Laura Lee & Paul Robear

Want to know more about our work as Directors of the Cuyamungue Institute? Find links to podcasts where we are interviewed in Press/Media, and watch archival videos of interviews with founder anthropologist Dr. Felicitas D Goodman.