Land Erosion

Hello Board Members,

Big day yesterday doing some much needed repair / work on the land.
We addressed Three areas of concern:
Kiva East Erosion: Brought in a tractor to clear out the ravine in front of “Kiva East” — the erosion was so bad that when I arrived last year there a two feet of dirt in front of the door.
We scrapped it out several hundred feet to allow water to flow freely again.
Cottage Erosion: Also needed to fix erosion on the north side of  “The Cottage” so we took the dirt over and built up that section.
Student building Entry flooding and access:  The pathway going into the student building always becomes a lake during heavy rain. We did two things – dug out drainage ditch and a drain field in front of the walkway which will be covered with landscape gravel. The addition bonus of widen this area is that is now wide enough for a service vehicle to get to the other side.  The donation of Bat-Sheva has been on hold because to build the dance area she requested would have to be all hauled in by hand.  I spoke to her early in the year and she wants to make another donation to help and she agreed that long term we could enclose a gazebo / yurt / dome over the platform some day to provide additional gathering space and student quarters.
The best part is that I did on a tight budget – $260. for everything so far.
Here are some photos:
Rebuilding the walkway and a new stone wall in progress

Clearing the ravine:

Digging a new drainage ditch.

Hard to capture in a photo but this side of
the Cottage has been extended 12 feet