Paul Robear

Current Role
Felicitas GoodmanPaul Robear is the President and Executive Director of the Cuyamungue Institute.  Paul became involved with the Cuyamungue Institute in the early 1990′s. In 2011, Paul joined the Board of Directors of the Cuyamungue Institute and was elected President a short time later. As President and Executive Director, Paul has overall strategic and operational responsibility for the Cuyamungue Institute programs, facilities, and execution of its mission.

Paul has developed a life long appreciation of the teachings of wisdom traditions and following the common threads from traditions from around the world led him to his role at the Cuyamungue Institute. Paul is driven with intensity, focus and passion to facilitate greater awareness of these “age old” technologies and considers it a blessing to help facilitate the work of CI. Paul feels that the time has come to recognize the need to bridge these cross-cultural wisdom traditions with the needs in today’s world. It is with the direct experience triggering spiritual insight, that we can provide practical solutions for modern cultures and technologies.

Instructor / Facilitator
As an instructor of the Ritual Ecstatic Postures, Paul draws on his real life experiences along with the research conducted by founder of the Cuyamungue Institute, anthropologist Dr. Felicitas Goodman and other key researchers in the field of trance and consciousness studies

Paul also teaches at Cuyamungue institute the process of ritual ecstatic postures at Cuyamungue institute. In addition to the director responsibilities, Paul also dedicates up to six months a year in Santa NM at the home of the Cuyamungue Institute with his wife Laura Lee as instructors, sharing the process of ritual ecstatic postures.

Paul Robear grew up in Maine, among a large extended family.  By their very nature people from Maine are fiercely independendant thinkers. It has been observed that Maine is the only foreign country in the United States. There is no question that Maine is definitely unique and the people are not afraid to  challenge the status quo. Paul was more interested in spiritual affairs, and by his late teenage years he joined a group researching a cross-cultural study of spirituality. This began a lifelong interest in development and quality of well being — physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually. He became a meditator and vegetarian at age 18, and toured Switzerland, France, and across the US as part of this journey. This began a life long “call to adventure”

Professional Background
Paul’s professional background ranges from management, multi-media distribution, sales, marketing, publishing. Paul created a media company which included a talk show hosted by his wife Laura Lee devoted to self-discovery and featured interviews with leading researchers in the fields of wisdom traditions, ancient mysteries, holistic health, and consciousness studies. They syndicated the program on radio nationwide and on the web. In addition, Paul also was the founder of a publishing company with international distribution that sold over 200,000 books, videos, and audio books. His contact info is: