As part of expanding our Cuyamungue Institute community, you are invited and encouraged to participate.  Share how you use the Cuyamungue Method in your chosen field. We are also open to other topics, with the emphasis on the posture work, and research and or experience.

Article Guidelines

Article word counts of up to 800 – 1000 words work well in the newsletter… To submit your article, just drop us an e-mail! To our International contributors: we request it be in English, but if you need help with translation we will hopefully find a volunteer. Send your submission to

Topics suggestions:

  • Research and Discoveries
  • Indigenous ways and connections
  • Shamanism
  • Mind / Brain Studies
  • Consciousness
  • Trance – Alternate Reality
  • Sacred Sites
  • Personal experience
  • Group experience
  • Music, art, poetry and insights you are making from a posture experience.
  • Book Reviews
  • Your Suggestions – inspiration encouraged.

The legal stuff: I think everyone is aware that this is a volunteer supported newsletter. Just to be clear: we do not pay for articles. So beyond your personal satisfaction and our gratitude, you do not receive any monetary compensation. By submitting an article to us, you agree to let us use the article not only in the Cuyamungue Newsletter, but any place content from the Cuyamungue Institute is used. You, however, retain the copyright in your work and are free to reuse it in any way you want. And, of course, when quoting someone, or including any copyrighted material, you will be responsible for obtaining permissions needed. You will also be responsible for having your article proofread, spell checked and fact-checked. In some cases a revision of the article might be needed before actual publication.

Your participation is highly appreciated. Please help improve our visibility and share the Cuyamungue Newsletter with your friends!