Calling Spirits with Posture Trance

by Susan Josephson

Calling Spirits with Posture Trance: Recorded in ancient art are postures (Ritual Body Postures) that when held in trance become doorways into alternate realities. People have visions using Posture Trances; they visit the dead, they contact spirits for help and advice, they change shape, receive healing, and more. Susan Josephson’s mother, the anthropologist Felicitas D. Goodman discovered these postures and introduced her daughter to them. For thirty years Susan kept a diary of unusual events including what happened at the trance sessions she led. When she retired from being a philosophy professor, Susan wrote up these true encounters into this book, telling the story of nine Postures, the worlds they opened, and her experiences as shaman.

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Article by Susan Josephson: Bear Posture Healing