Facilitator and Licensing Agreement

Welcome to the Cuyamungue Institute Instructor training program. In addition to understanding and agreeing to the terms of the “Certified Instructor Agreement” here we provide the a way for a person enrolled in Instructor Training to complete the requirements of sharing the work in the field as a Facilitator.The “Facilitator” status is awarded to individuals who have completed a Instructor Training workshop at the Cuyamungue institute and are practicing and sharing the CI method as a means to fulfill the requirements of Instructor Certification. The Facilitator is authorized to host no fee posture groups in their local areas.

What is the difference between Facilitator and Certified Instructor?

The intent of the Facilitator status is for individuals on the path to meeting all the requirements of receiving the Certified Instructor status. Facilitators are in training but have been provided the basic tools to host a posture gathering. A facilitator may not advertise or promote the work to the public and use the status of “Teacher” to “Instructor”

The status of Facilitator is only awarded to those who plan to complete the full requirements of becoming a Certified Instructor.

A Facilitator is required to only use the Ritual Postures personally verified by Dr. Goodman and the Cuyamungue Institute – a list will be provided.

To receive the Facilitator authorization, a written application/letter should include the following information:

1. Identify attendance at all previous POSTURE WORKSHOPS (Instructor, workshop location & dates, type of workshop eg introductory, healing, etc.);

a)   why you want to be a Facilitator and how you plan to use it;

b)   personal background including education and relevant training.

2. Summarize your own experience with five different trance postures. Comment on how these experiences has enhanced your life. The purpose is to practice bridging trance experience in the spirit realm with life in ordinary reality.

3. Demonstrate your ability to rattle for a 15 minute trance session either in person or in a recording to a certified instructor.

4. Facilitate three informal individual or small group sessions using ritual postures for ecstatic trance. Write up a summary of those sessions.

5. When the requirements have been satisfactorily met, Your mentor will submit a letter of recommendation to the Cuyamungue Institute Board of Directors who will review and approve certification as a Facilitator.

By my signature below I ask to be recognized as a Faciltator by the Cuyamungue Institute and agree to abide by the Conditions and Guidelines and Requirements of the Cuyamungue Institute (CI) training program.

Further, I agree to “hold harmless” CI, it’s Board of Directors and all administrative people from any and all liabilities or damages arising from my participation and/or my students participation in the training, teaching and use of the process of ecstatic ritual postures we refer to as “The Cuyamungue Method”.

In other words, I will not make any legal claims related to the training and teaching the Cuyamungue Method” against the Cuyamungue Institute; both for known and unknown claims or damages. This release of liability is intended to be as broad as allowable under the laws of New Mexico, USA.

I have carefully read this agreement and the Conditions of Acceptance, and fully understand its contents. I am aware this is a release of liability and contract between myself and Cuyamungue Institute and sign it of my own free will.

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