Cuyamungue Rattle – Rhythmic Percussive Sound

Rhythmic Percussive Sound
The beauty of working with ritual postures is that they are so subtle that simple drumming or rattling is sufficient and cannot be misused with dangerous consequences. The sound affects the brain so that rational processes are subdued and other functions are stimulated. Given the precision of this means of stimulating the brain and nervous system, it is possible to enter the trance state on cue, with the beginning of the sound of the rattle accompanied by a ritual posture, and even more importantly to return from the altered state, on cue. This latter capacity distinguishes intentional journeys into Alternate Reality from the random wanderings of people with psychotic disorders, who cannot choose when the shift in consciousness occurs nor where the shift will take them.

Here is the link for the fifteen minutes of rattling:

Cuyamungue Rattle audio file (rattling only)

Cuyamungue Breath Work
Prior to the actual percussive sound and posture, we begin with five minutes of breath work. Our practice of settling the mind, prior to the posture, begins with a breathing technique. We suggest sitting comfortably and beginning to count your breathing. On the inhalation, notice the rising of your chest, and as that breath naturally releases, count that as one breath. Then take in a second breath, expand your chest slowly and release, and count “two”. Inevitably the mind begins to wander-is this the right way? what do I look like? remember the last time I meditated or tried to, what was it that I wanted to remember to do this afternoon? and on and on. When that happens, just bring the focus of awareness back to the breath and the counting. Slowly, the chatter dies down and our sense of presence in the moment deepens. We suggest using a count of fifty breaths prior to using a ritual posture for trance, counting ten breaths, holding down one finger, then repeating that four more times.

The following audio file includes the five minutes for the breath work segment. First a bell will sound to begin the breathing. After five minutes the bell will ring twice to indicate it is time to now assume the chosen posture. There is about a 20 second space before the rattling begins.

Cuyamungue Rattle with five minutes for breath work.