Energy Medicine & Trance: A Panel Discussion

Our ETP experiential sessions work so beautifully with our community spread around the globe. How does this work at a distance? Is there more to the Universe than Science has recognized? What might we learn from other energy medicine modalities that also work at a distance? What’s the common denominator? What role does the Placebo Effect have? We’ve asked members of our CI Community who practice both ETP and long-distance energy medicine, to discuss their work, Maria Dolzer with Healing Touch and Barbie Maraviov with Reiki. Joseph Goldfedder, acupuncturist, brings in his experience with, and science of, energy meridians and archeologist Christine Van Pool shares insights from historical and neurological studies. ———>  Register to Attend

Maria Dolzer is a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner (HTCP) and has worked with Healing Touch for 18 years, and practiced and taught nursing for over 35 years in Germany and Austria. Now living in the US with her own practice, “Holistic Energy Healing PLLC” Maria offers in-person and distance Healing Touch and intuitive treatments.

Joseph Goldfedder, Licensed Acupuncturist
Joseph writes: “It’s said in Chinese Medicine that “where the mind goes, the Qi follows.” Acupuncture blends my fascination with the interaction of art, science, creativity and healing. Acupuncture, like drawing, is the art of placing needles along patterns of energy on the body. Qi is activated much like drawings might be on a page. There’s a shift in the patients’ consciousness when this occurs. It’s the practitioners job to help direct Qi flow. And when the energy flows, the healing journey begins. Where I practice in New Jersey:
Website of my drawings:


Barbie Maraviov, Reiki Practitioner
Barbie turned to Reiki when leaving a high-stress job, a Japanese system for stress reduction and relaxation that allows the body to access it’s innate healing abilities. This inspired her to   train with three Reiki lineages and she now conducts Reiki long-distance or in person, for people and their pets, at


Christine Van Pool, Prof. of Archeology, University of Missouri
Christine’s anthropology and archeology research covers a lot of ground. Here she will cite studies from the science of neurotheology that offer both validation for and a glimpse into why we see ‘effect as a distance’ in energy medicine.


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