Posture props

STAND ERECT- See pictures below

Test without props first. If uncomfortable try the props.

OPTIONAL PROPS: Holding short stick in right hand, and you can use a tall pole to support the left hand. The other alternative for the left hand is use a wall id that work better for you.

LEFT LEG: Keep left leg straight, with left foot facing forward

RIGHT LEG: Bend at the knee, angling right foot slightly away from your body to your right,

RIGHT HAND: Grasp a stick that extends from hand to just above the floor, placing forefinger along its length, pointing down

LEFT ARM: Outstretch and raise up arm, and cupped hand, with palm facing you, Alternatively you may hold a longer pole upon which your hand can rest for stability.

HEAD: Face up and slightly toward your left, so you are gazing toward your raised hand, though eyes are closed.