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Global Consciousness Network

Let’s explore and “get equipped” for the journey to GC, as we need to adapt/adopt new ways of thinking, being, doing, feeling, communicating —the old ways aren’t going to get us there. The path will be arduous, and demand much of us. Change is not easy. Let’s ‘suit up’ for a Heroes Journey of epic proportions, together, within the portal.

Diversity in Unity.  Welcome the groups working in some capacity towards GC to bring their small “lanes” into a cooperative superhighway, articulating their contribution to GC.

Adapt to Thrive.  Both intellectually and with direct experience, engage the head and heart. Offer online courses, lectures, interviews, transcripts, forums, articles, experiential opportunities, for each field to work out, and align itself to the needs of a world moving into GC. All the disciplines need to adjust to this emerging worldview and values. Work with visionaries and leaders in each field to chart a course to GC and lead this educational effort.

Vision. The Portal to Global Consciousness is a network of those interested in developing a vision for a sustainable and prosperous world. We invite individuals and organizations to contribute to this work, collectively forming a “Portal to Global Consciousness.” 
The Portal offers a sensory passage from understanding intellectually how the world is making a transformation to global consciousness (GC), to seeing various instances and applications of GC, and finally to experiencing global consciousness spiritually. Our goal is to help visitors feel the same profound emotions that stunned William Shatner (Capt. Kirk) when he entered orbital space recently.
The portal is supported by a wealth of services that offer opportunities to study various aspects of global consciousness, participate in workshops and seminars, explore other perspectives, organize activities and encourage anything that advances the adoption of this crucial worldview.
We believe that an emerging Global Consciousness has the potential to advance our world at this critical stage of planetary evolution, a consciousness that fosters a sustainable and prosperous world and recognizes humanity’s interconnectedness with all of life.Currently, we are living under an outmoded paradigm of material self-interest which threatens our civilization and Earth’s biosphere. Our committee envisions the creation of a multi-media portal or hub that gathers and organizes all relevant disciplines, experience, understanding and other resources on various aspects of global consciousness. We are committed to creating an inclusive process which allows the synthesis of all relevant knowledge on global consciousness, hosting workshops and seminars, encouraging independent research, networking with other collaborators exploring methods of further advancing the emergence of a global consciousness that respects and has reverence for the totality of life.
There are no passengers on spaceship earth. We are all crew” – Marshall McLuhan.

Let’s All Co-Create Together.  a forum to process and envision the future we can all agree on. To listen and be heard — all ages, all walks of life, all nationalities — on the grass roots level, as we are all stakeholders in the future. What does GC really mean? Core values? the essentials? This isn’t a top down process, but an emergent one. What’s this coming through in this next phase of evolution? Let’s give it space and attention, be good midwives.

Find Your Lane.  Invite, challenge and support individuals to find their cause and contribute. Provide a hub, a clearing house, for small groups to form and work on challenges, and causes, together. KINS has a working format for this.

Celebrate the Heroes.   Showcase the good news, support the solutions, and solutionaries, in grass roots groups, businesses, institutions, governments who are moving us closer to GC. And, Give them a chance to fund this, and be rewarded for that.

Start Small, Think Big.  Act local, and Global. It’s going to be a stretch! it will take us all knowing we are one village, one family — the entire Web of Life — with one home.

Take the Leap.  As we look around, and we have to question if humanity has what it will take to make this leap. I find inspiration daily knowing that many many others are making an effort and not giving up. For my small efforts to feel worthwhile, I need to join a superhighway on our way to GC. I think this is at the heart of what this portal offers.

The portal is supported by a wealth of services that offer opportunities to study various aspects of global consciousness, participate in workshops and seminars, explore other perspectives, organize activities and encourage anything that advances the adoption of this crucial worldview.

Why Global Consciousness?

As shown in the figure below, the digital revolution and artificial intelligence are automating knowledge, driving attention beyond knowledge into a new frontier governed by emotions, values, beliefs, and higher-order thought. The world is entering an Age of Consciousness, though it has been taken over by post-factual nonsense and disinformation. Henry Kissinger recently wrote in Time: “… what fascinates me is that we are moving into a new period of human consciousness which we don’t yet fully understand.”

Committee Members

Bill Halal

William Halal – Professor Emeritus of Science, Technology & Innovation
George Washington University

Brian Tucker 2

Brian Tucker – Cross Cultural Spiritual Researcher/Advisor. Deep Time Network

Lauren Archer

Lauren Archer – Executive Director
Kinship Earth

Laura Lee 2

Laura Lee – Director of Outreach and Education, Cuyamungue Institute

Paul New

Paul Robear – Executive Director / President
Cuyamungue Institute

Contributors / Consultants

Hella Cascorbi

Hella Cascorbi – Independent Fundraising
and Grants Consultant

Burt Webb

Burt Webb – Science Journalist / Advisor

The graph below places this shift to consciousness in the framework of social evolution. The “Life Cycle of Evolution” (LCE) plotted in the graph is based on historical data and uses a logarithmic scale to reveal the rise of civilization over millennia. ~ Bill Halal

The great S-curve seen in the graph follows the growth cycle of all life … a colony of bacteria, a child, and the entire planet. As noted, the world recently passed through the Knowledge Age and is now in the beginning stage of a Consciousness Age. All stages of evolution are driven by revolutions in thought. A Global Consciousness is emerging now to resolve today’s existential global crises of climate, pandemics, inequality, etc. as the foundation for a functioning, unified world.