Global Consciousness Network

by Laura Lee, Director of Research & Outreach,
Cuyamungue Institute                  
copyright 2023
We are hearing the call to join the many voices working towards a Global Consciousness, one honoring all of life, upon sacred ground that spans all that Mother Earth has gifted us. Our contribution to this journey is a way to open the bandwidth to hear this call, through direct experience with the Source. We find we are immersed in a sense of awe and wonder, at one with the awe, filled with gratitude and compassion. We can readily enter this state of a ‘waking dream’, a deep inward reverie, receiving these gifts, without any outside agent — nothing to consume or imbibe — the capacity is embedded in our physiology. Humankind has found this portal from the beginning, and we can do so today through a simple ritual. It’s something that is hardwired within us. Here’s an introductory overview and invitation to try this for yourself.  
Return to Right Relations: with oneself, one’s community, and the world at large
The Cuyamungue Institute’s offering to the world is reacting this deep connection. This is the revival of an ancient practice, made relevant and accessible for today.  On a personal and collective level, on practical and emotional grounds, getting back into right relation is part instinct, part reaction to the unease and discomfort of finding ourselves off kilter, sailing at half-mast, veering off course. Early cultures paid special attention to maintaining balance— within oneself and with one’s community. That included larger and larger spheres: family, tribe, ancestors, ancestral lands, and the largest community of all — all of Creation. While ‘self-righting’ is perhaps too often confused with the self-righteousness that has driven much of history, we find a new story emerging. We are all stakeholders in our collective future, the call is out for all our voices in its unfolding. Though we haven’t always had the ears or the desire to listen, ‘all our voices’ includes the ancestors as well as future generations, all of life, human and other, the inanimate as well as the animate. All these realms have much to gift us. CI offers a way to engage in this dialog, with direct experience. 


The Universe and Our Place In It
As we undergo the repair and renewal of that relationship, multiple disciplines of science tell us how miraculous it is that all the necessary conditions came together for a universe to exist. How long it took evolution, on a cosmos scale, to put all the building blocks together to create life. And how rare the circumstances to support it, not to mention grow a species gifted with the awareness to reflect back on this grand adventure. We’ve long pondered the universe, and our place in it. We can trace this understanding back through time and uncover clues early cultures left behind. This emerging new story is in part age-old, renewed and reinvigorated as it unfolds for our day, in our language, finding hope and resolution for our challenges. Many of the lessons are eternal, still relevant for us today. Here’s why this practice offers something universal and urgently needed. 
Singing the “Song of Life”, in the “Language of Spirit”
The many voices singing this ‘song of life’ are confirming what we are already hearing, from within. This is the Universe’s Song, belonging to all life. While this is the source for the sages of the ages, we’re here to say that we all have an inbuilt capacity for this. We are all invited to the choir, and no special admission is required: No special abilities are needed, there are no special spiritual paths to walk, no sacrifices to be made, no dogma. Each of us holds the keys to the unlock our own inner door, and there we find a wellspring of life force, wisdom, joy, solace, compassion, forgiveness, universal love. We see and are seen, acknowledged, embraced. This state is so easily achieved, our participants, even for the first time with this practice, report peak experiences, and all some degree of emotional uplift and resolution. Our senses are activated, too. In this waking dream, as in a dream, we see, hear, taste, touch, and experience senses far beyond the five we commonly know — and its all coming from a source beyond our everyday eyes and ears. It is a gift delivered by this greater living force, through our senses, that usher us on a journey. 
We believe that an emerging Global Consciousness has the potential to advance our world at this critical stage of planetary evolution, a consciousness that fosters a sustainable and prosperous world and recognizes humanity’s interconnectedness with all of life.Currently, we are living under an outmoded paradigm of material self-interest which threatens our civilization and Earth’s biosphere. Our committee envisions the creation of a multi-media portal or hub that gathers and organizes all relevant disciplines, experience, understanding and other resources on various aspects of global consciousness. We are committed to creating an inclusive process which allows the synthesis of all relevant knowledge on global consciousness, hosting workshops and seminars, encouraging independent research, networking with other collaborators exploring methods of further advancing the emergence of a global consciousness that respects and has reverence for the totality of life.
There are no passengers on spaceship earth. We are all crew” – Marshall McLuhan.
See for yourself: Join our weekly free, open-to-everyone live sessions with our worldwide community.                             Here is the link
Direct experience is the best teacher! We find the common elements of the experience are shared by the group, and are different for each sessions. This demonstrates that we enter an active state of Global consciousness, as we all tap into this grand evolutionary force and field of consciousness, and what it has to gift us and teach us, about ourselves and our place in this cosmos, and equips us with what we need to find our way. It’s one thing to mentally focus on compassion, awe and wonder, its another to find ourself emotionally immersed in it, as we enter into right relation with this field, along with joy and the sense of being at one, and at peace with, of being loved and embraced by, the All. 
Reconnecting: Mystical Moment are not for mystics only, but for all of us
Our benevolent universe designed us to connect, this state of oneness with the all is a birthright and the access codes are a legacy handed down from our earliest ancestors. Within our bodies, our “earth suits” is the technology for direct connection with our Source. We’ve simply forgotten this in our modern era, as this has been made rather forbidden turf. These deep inner reverie, expressed by the Sages of the Ages in many languages, is the birthright of all of us. 


From Small Self to Larger Self
Each journey of self discovery begins with the small self, and the last several decades of self-healing, personally and collectively, prepared us to embrace one another across cultural, racial, gender and all manner of differences and divides. We are ultimately one family of humankind, one web of life, sharing one thin layer on the surface of one small planet. And like mothers everywhere minding their brood, Mother Earth is stepping up the signals to her selfish, wayward children: we can no longer act only on behalf of ourselves alone. Membership in the Web of Life requires acting for the good of all life. 


Universal and Eternal: for our times, too
Just as we enjoy with our devices, we can dial this state up on demand. It’s user-friendly, with immediate successful connection, as we open up and expand our bandwidth. The technology we are enjoying, is built within our own nervous system. What we are truly activating, is ourselves. Sorry Captain Kirk, but the real ‘final frontier’ is consciousness, underlying all of creation. And its beckoning us on the grandest adventure of all!


The “Waking Dream” is that state combining Beta and Theta
An apt term for a state that straddles our everyday experience, and that state beyond time and space as we know it. This experience of another realm, one that dissolves boundaries, that hurtles us into new dimensions, is, curiously, a landscape we recognize as ‘home.’ We know this realm, we find we can speak the language. More deeply embedded than spoken and written words, this “Language of Spirit” as I like to call it, is the lingua franca of direct experience of this realm. With gesture, symbol, and downloads of energy, emotion and information, we directly feel, and we are ‘in the knowing’ of what it means.There’s no intellectualizing or projecting or conjuring it up from the Imagination. It’s a gift, received, that has its own logic, its own message and lesson, delivered by something larger than ourself.   our first language is that of the story the Cosmos herself tells us, within the trance state. This is part of the story our ancestors were telling in many ways. This is the story our science and our hearts are telling us today. This is the story we hear, again and again, in our trance sessions. We are gifted with the dreaming mind and the waking mind, and when these two modalities come together, we are truly firing on all cyliders. With one foot in this realm, and one foot in that realm, we can momentarily see further and farther, into ourselves, and into our story and its next chapter.


Committee Members

Brian Tucker 2

Brian Tucker – Cross Cultural Spiritual Researcher/Advisor. Deep Time Network

Laura Lee 2

Laura Lee – Director of Outreach and Education, Cuyamungue Institute

Paul New

Paul Robear – Executive Director / President
Cuyamungue Institute

A Spirit Key Known by the Ancestors
The many keys used over the centuries is a testament to Nature’s strategy of redundancy, and that we can enter into a mystical state spontaneously an indicator that we are designed to do so. The Cuyamungue Institute offers a ’spirit key’ known by our ancestors, one with a long track record of safe use. Relying entirely on our own physiology, there are no outside agents, no plant medicine, nothing to ingest. A simple ritual cues the body-brain-mind to shift gears and activate the dreaming mind simultaneously with the waking mind. This hybrid state of the ‘waking dream’ is within our normal and natural capacity, issued at birth, a function of a healthy nervous system. Such functioning may not be common in our era, but it is entirely normal. A long-standing covenant, protocols, and etiquette between these states of consciousness, between these realms of perception, is contained within the ritual. There is so much correlation it would appear our ancestors drew, from this state, their cosmology, art, mythology, symbology and more. 
Carrying on the Work of our Ancestors, and one Anthropologist/Linguist
Dr. Felicitas Goodman, founder of this Institute, distilled the essence of many rituals into its common, or essential elements to make it accessible for our times. This practice has lost none of its potency. The instruction manual, though well preserved and in plain sight, was not decoded until Goodman decoded select ancient artifacts as ‘ritual instructions” in a flash of insight. Holding a posture as depicted in ancient artifacts, combined with calling to the Cosmic field of consciousness, and accompanied by drumming, echoing the rhymes beat of Gaia’s heartbeat, is just as effective now as then. Goodman emphasized that our physiological blueprint has not changed much in 200,000 years. What works then, works now; the door is still open to what she liked to call “the Eternal Now”.