Thank you so much! You and Paul are great hosts and wonderful to hang with, and what a community you’ve got in your galaxy!
Farzad Mahootian, Clinical Associate Professor, New York University

I wanted to write to thank you for your event, and the opportunity to interact with such high-quality people: It was the beautiful feeling of finding one’s people.  I think the ignition point was your introductory statements. They were not only strong in and of themselves, they were also in deep resonance with the vision of the universe Monica and I have been developing from our own perspective. So harmonious.  Your opening remarks established a field of thought that felt like home. Everyone in the zoom meeting was feeling that. At least I believe so. That’s what’s so impressive about your achievement. You’ve created a spiritual womb where the creativity of the participants can come alive in a new and significant way precisely because they feel at home, understood, cared for.  To be surrounded by such deep souls is pure grace.
–Brian Swimme, Professor at the California Institute of Integral Studies, author of Cosmogenesis:
Thank you so much! The interview was so easy because you know how to lead a conversation and ask the right questions. 

Michael Langlois, Tenured Associate Professor at the University of Strasbourg

I find the work of anthropologist Felicitas Goodman as compelling as that of neurologist Andrew Newburg in validating this age-old practice, one that fellow anthropologists and archeologists can personally experience to greatly enhance their quest to understand and decode the worldview and world experience of the peoples and artifacts they study. Laura and Paul are doing a wonderful job of building upon that legacy in their own right. We are thankful for the collaboration on several projects. Todd and I have been pleased to make several appearances on their Sunday forum, and also enjoy the breadth and depth of their multi-disciplinary guests and topics.
— Christine Van Pool, Professor of Archeology, University of Missouri, Columbia MO
I applaud all that Laura and Paul are doing in carrying on the work of Dr. Goodman, and it was a pleasure to talk about this beautiful, ancient practice and what it shares with my mission work and the universal, eternal values found in all faiths.  
— Sister Margaret O’Rourke of the Order of St. Joseph of Carondelet 
It’s a pleasure talking with such an intelligent and engaged audience about matters I rarely get to address in such depth outside the classroom.
— Fredrick Smith, Professor Emeritus of Religious Studies, University of Iowa
Thank you so much for both being such brilliant hosts!
John & Catlin Matthews, authors of numerous books on Celtic Mythology and Western Mysticism
Laura, I appreciate your ability to ask just the right questions, and add deeply insightful remarks that kept our conversation going along the most interesting content that we had to share about our research in Chaco Canyon. You covered all the key points and made it fun and accessible for the audience. And what a remarkable community your work has attracted, from all over the world.
— Cherilynn Morrow, Astronomer & Astronomy Educator
What draws us is the pilgrim’s way, the thirst to appear in the world and to feel the true fit of our place in the world, to finally know the world as our deepest selves and to continue to breathe the world into being. It was a joy to share my thirty plus years research at Chaco Canyon with an audience that deeply and intuitively understands this, and rejoices in our long history of knowing that Mother Nature Abides.
— GB Cornucopia, Principle Interpretive Ranger, Chaco Culture National Historic Park (retired)
It was a pleasure to speak with such an attentive and interested audience from all over the world, sharing my own personal conclusions and perspective on the complexities of our brains, shaped by the same underlying patterns in Nature that shape all of life.
— Ryan Walsh, neurologist 
Am so glad to have been part of a Sunday series with the Cuyamungue Institute, and have enjoyed the many and varied guests and topics . Laura, your curiosity and generative spirit made this process enjoyable and your questions and comments prompted me to discover new linkages between the work of CI and my topic of inquiry, the “Journey of the Universe”. It’s a delight to connect with a lively audience on a mythic exploration of the nature of reality.
— Brian Tucker, Writer and Poet 
Laura is a very accomplished interviewer, whose engaging manner puts one instantly at ease, and with insightful questions, draws the best out of you and the topic. Finding connections between seemingly diverse points of view is not easy, but done right, is a wonderful way to spend a couple of hours, when conversation can be entertaining as well as an education.
— Steven Hecht, Judaeo-Christian scholar
My guest speaking ‘gig’ recently was a delight. Paul and Laura make it very easy with deep questions and friendly manner and are really moving CI into new realms. Laura is a very experienced interviewer and guided by her questions, I shared the links I see and value between shamanism and trance postures. I also told stories from my journeys with Aboriginal elders ‘on country’ – a term the indigenous owners use for their tribal lands. The Q&A session at the end became a sharing of enquiries, knowledge and stories with the uniquely experienced and trained audience. This was one of those opportunities that lead me to a deeper understanding of my own journey in altered consciousness. Such a blessing. I discovered Trance Postures in 2010, coming from a background of 30 years practicing and teaching meditation and 10 years training in shamanism. I began to practice and explore the postures from the book with my advanced students. Later I travelled to CI for training with Paul and Laura. Thank you Paul and Laura for the opportunity.
— Louise Gilmore, Cross-Cultural Meditation Teacher
Laura and Paul provide a rare, deeply satisfying and possibly singular format to both express cross-cultural ideas and to listen openly to ideas and expertise of others. They have developed a superb series, where they and their audience respect both worldviews, and are eager to see the way these can be explored together. They facilitate in a manner to amplify and reach the range of participants. The audience too is exceptional, thanks to the format Laura and Paul have developed and refined. It feels like a community exploring together!  I have had the privilege of presenting several times at the CI Sunday Talks. As a professor and scientist, this has been a rare opportunity to talk in a manner that bridges two worlds, that of scientific observation and that of intuition. I have felt encouraged to express bridging these worlds, while feeling appreciated by both the facilitators and audience. Deep exploration of the ageless fulfilling impressions associated with our relationship between the cosmic hemisphere and terrestrial hemisphere seems relevant both to whom we are, and to our intuitive reach. And I continue to enjoy the wide range of perspectives presented in the series by many wonderful insightful guests.
— Tony Hull, Prof of Astrophysics, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque
We’re very much looking forward to our next appearance on the Cuyamungue Institute’s Q&A Talk. If our previous experience was typical, it will be fun, inspiring and generate much discussion. We were delighted by the charm and quiet erudition of the audience, whose questions were never less than enthralling. Clearly not only is the Cuyamungue Institute a magnet for deep thought but it also encourages sheer joy!
— Clive Prince & Lynn Picknett, authors of numerous books on Western mysticism