Independent Stays at the Cuyumungue Institute

This is a feature we offer to Cuyamungue Members or Workshop Participants.

From time to time we receive requests to stay on the land, both from workshop participants who wish to come early and/or stay a few days after their scheduled course, and from former participants who would like to visit in-between workshops.

Here is our policy:
Former participants, and current participants, who are members of the Cuyamungue Institute in good standing, are welcome to schedule stays at the Institute on a first-come, space-available basis. We shall deem those as “Visitors”.

During workshops the facility is fully occupied, so Visitors must schedule their stays to avoid those dates; check the Event Schedule. Our season runs during the warmer months, as the buildings are not heated during winter. A wavier of liability must be signed. You are fully responsible for your safety and health. Please read our detailed  guest guide.

Overnight lodging rates are $50 per day in the Bunk House. This modest fee helps pay for electricity, water, and insurance. Obviously we are not a hotel, B&B, or spa retreat, and we have virtually no services – you are on your own. As a non-profit organization, we welcome additional donations (separate from lodging fee) to help maintain these facilities. As a 501(3)c non-profit, your donations are tax deductible. Rather then give a hotel $100 a day, stay at the Institute for a rustic retreat and make a donation instead!

Reservations must be made by emailing Confirmation of requested dates, and a Paypal invoice, will be emailed in return. (Payment may be made with a credit card without having a Paypal account) Upon receipt of payment and a signed wavier of liability, a Confirmed Reservation will then be emailed. Print this out and present to the on-site hosts who will be expecting you.

Cuyamungue Institute offers rustic, simple housing accommodations. All the buildings in the complex are via dirt paths and roads. None of our trails, roads, paths or walkways are paved. Expect loose gravel.

Since we are located at an altitude of 6,500 feet, spring and fall temperatures can range from lows of 20 at night to highs of 70 at mid-day. Be prepared for rain and/or snow. Summer temperatures range from 50 to 95 degrees. Bring comfortable, casual clothes you can layer, sturdy walking shoes, a hat, rain gear, a flashlight, and sunblock.

The housing is shared, not private, with simple furnishings reflective of the Southwest. The only two bathrooms are located in the Student Building. Each has a shower, hooks for your towel, and shelving for your bath kit. It is recomended that you bring your own towel, pillow case etc. We do have cots and sleeping bags, and pillows. Like we said, we are rustic. Guest buildings have no clocks, radios, TV or Internet capabilities. We are trying to upgrade and have Wi-fi available in the student building. You will find no air-conditioning in the buildings, but they do have screened windows and screen doors.

Food – While all meals during workshops are provided, when are staying on your own, you are responsible for bringing your own. The Student Building has a kitchen where you may prepare your own meals and store the food you bring. Do not store food or food supplies anywhere other than the kitchen, where a metal cabinet is provided to deter rodents.

Is Alcohol Permitted? The use of drugs and alcohol is prohibited on the grounds.

Are pets welcome? Pets are not allowed at Cuyamungue Institute on the grounds or in buildings with the exception of assistance animals, which are permitted with prior notification.

Are children allowed? Most of our guests are adults. At this time, we do not offer children’s programming or special accomodations. Children are welcome for brief visits, with supervision of an adult and encouraged mindfulness of the retreat experience of others.

Pleas review our complete guest guide.  Thank you.