October 2012

Greetings! Laura and I just completed the last workshop of the season at Cuyamungue. The “Initiatory Training” event was well attended with 14 of us gathered for deep experience, ritual and community. This was a powerful way to complete the 2012 workshop series at the Institute. We began each day at sunrise and had a full schedule of fostering and enriching and expanding our experience both individually and our connection as a group. You’ll enjoy Laura’s reflections on the workshop in this newsletter.

George Rivera, Laura Lee, Paul Robear

The Cuyamungue Institute has its headquarters on 280 acres of high mountain desert at the northern edge of Santa Fe. The Institute’s founder, Felicitas Goodman, was an anthropologist, linguist, folklorist. In the 1970’s, she put on puppet shows to share the folklore with the neighboring children. Today we hear stories from the locals who attended her shows and fondly remember Felicitas.

Felicitas long enjoyed a relationship of mutual respect and cooperation with the Pojoaque Pueblo which surrounds the Institute. Recently, Laura and I had several meetings with the Governor of the Pueblo of Pojoaque, George Rivera. George is a man of many talents. He has served his Pueblo since 1992 as Lt. Governor and became Governor upon the passing of his uncle, former longtime Governor Jacob Viarrial. George shared the story of meeting Felicitas for the first time at the Santa Fe Opera with his uncle, and she soon became one of the first patrons of his sculpture. He has been sculpting and teaching art for twenty years. Be sure to tour the nearby Buffalo Thunder Resort (www.buffalothunderresort.com) to see his magnificent bronzes and paintings (one of which is featured in the photo, right). He also curated the fabulous collection of contemporary Native art displayed throughout. The Poeh Center (www.poehcenter.com) is also a must-see collection of both ancient and modern art. We are thankful to be in the heart of the Tewa culture and this magical place called Cuyamungue!

Equinox Sunrise Celebration – By invitation, we joined our Hungarian friends Alfonz and Ilona at the San Ildefonso Pueblo for the Equinox Sunrise Celebration on September 22, 2012. Above, next to the banner, is the Sunrise photo that day. Tewa Women United hosted this celebration of Mother Earth. The name Tewa Women United (www.tewawomenunited.org) comes from the Tewa words wi don gi mu which translates to “we are one”.  The beautiful, crisp morning was filled with traditional songs, stories, and ritual smudging to greet the rising sun. It was a wonderful opening to a day of sharing stories, healthy food, the art and healing modalities offered by the many vendors, and the opportunity to meet our neighbors.

Report on New Donations from Laura Lee, Director of Outreach and Development:
I am pleased to announce that we have received a significant donation to support our on-going research and new applications of this work. We are thankful to Barbara and Gerry Clow for their continued support of the Institute and with their cooperation we have created  a matching funds campaign, a wonderful opportunity to turn every dollar you donate to the Institute into $2! If you have questions about donating or creating a similar fund raising program,  I am happy to provide more information.  Contact me at lauralee@cuyamungueinstitute.com . Here is Barbara’s letter detailing her generous offer:

An Open Letter for Matching Donations by Barbara Hand Clow
Dear fellow teachers. practitioners, and supporters of the Cuyamungue Institute. My partner Gerry Clow and I have decided to make a second large contribution to our institute in the form of a matching grant to raise money for development and general purposes. As some of you know, I am a retired teacher and I also have written extensively about Felicitas’s research in three of my books.

Now it is time to also give more financial support because I think our institute is moving into a third phase that is very promising… Continue here for Barbara Clow’s entire letter

Sacred Geometry Sculpture – Donation
Laird Hovland donated one his collection of sculptures inspired by sacred geometry to the Cuyamungue Institute. Thank you Laird, we are most appreciative! Here is Laird’s description of the sculpture:
This is a steel sculpture. It contains seven octahedrons and is combined with with seven cubes. The cube is the dual of the octahedron and visa versa. The seven segments for me represents the human form and the seven chakra system. The combination of the solid and line drawing outside is a reference to the human figure and our true nature that resides within.
Born in the Far East to Christian missionary parents, I have deep spiritual influences from both Eastern and Western traditions that impact my work in profound ways. I spent my youth in Montana, currently live in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and am influenced by the natural beauty and rhythm around me.

Reflections on Introducing the Cuyamungue Method
by Laura Lee – October 2012
As Felicitas often said, this powerful technique must be one that our nervous system and physiology already know how to do, so effective and natural it is, even for the first-timers. And, that the body wants to do — I imagine that there are benefits far beyond the few, such as the increase of endorphins, that we know or sense. And yet, the most difficult part of introducing this work is to explain exactly what to do once the rattling or drumming begins. There are several contributing factors to this. One is that our culture has lost knowledge of this. Not the ability, but the knowledge, and with that … click here for Laura Lee’s complete article

Postures for Pagan Community Development
by James Lawer
On October 6th James shared the ritual posture work at “The first annual Weaving – A Pagan Rite of Vision”  in Casco Maine. A certified instructor of the Cuyamungue Method, here is his report on his recent adventures:

There was a swirl of preparatory activities during an entire year that are not being described; there was the final complete, daylong ritual itself that ought not be too carefully described. The story in its fullness belongs to the provenance of the Maine Pagan Community, to its bards, its wisdom-reachers, its recorders of the event, and to those who have picked up the staff that illumines them as not “followers” but as Carriers of the Way.

Even with the approaching rain, 30 people showed up. We blessed the rain for the time it was with us, danced in it with our ancestors, built a towering bonfire in our midst, created four directional altars, and on uneven ground crafted sacred soul relationships with the spirits of place, weaving threads of soul to each other… Continue to James Lawer’s full article

Instructor Training Report
Jackie Haworth and Belinda Gore recently completed the fourth annual Instructor Training workshop at the Cuyamungue Institute.  This year we were at the Institute for the August “blue moon,” the second full moon in a month. We were a group who sang often and enthusiastically when we greeted the sun every morning, we celebrated by singing to the moon: everything from Native American chants to “Moon River” to Beatles songs.  Continue to full article

 Invest in yourself! Here is the preview of workshops and events in development for 2013 at the Cuyamungue Institute, so you can get the jump-start on making your plans to join us next season. There may be adjustments to dates, times and details, and additional events and workshops will be added. Much more detail to follow in the near future.

April 29 – May 10:  German Workshop – Ki Salmen is a trainer and teacher for the Felicitas-Goodman Institut in Germany and will host a full week workshop and bringing a group from Germany.  Sprechen Sie Deutsch? If so, you are welcome to attend.

May 23 – 26: Initiatory Training Workshop – Paul Robear and Laura Lee. A powerful, compacted introduction to this work. You will be introduced to a succession of trance experiences including healing, divination, metamorphosis, and initiation. Enjoy the power of the group experience. More Information

June 20 – 23:   Solstice Celebration and Workshop – Marianne Carroll – Marianne is a gifted astrologer providing dynamic insight for life path interpretations and who facilitates an ongoing posture group that meets monthly at the New Moon.

July 6: Cuyamungue Explorers Club – This is an afternoon gathering for those who are familiar with the practice of the Cuyamungue Method and want to participate in new posture research and verification.  Hosted by Paul Robear and Laura Lee.

July 11 -14 The Goddess is Calling – Laura Lee assisted by Cynthia Devlin – A workshop devoted to postures derived from ancient art depicting the Goddess in various guises.

July 19 -22 Finding Ecstasy: Applying Your Unique Creative Genius – While Experiencing A Journey Through Self Discovery and Expression using Sacred Postures.  Jackie Haworth, Stephanie Stephens, Rae LeCompte. Using the arts to express your experiences will help each of us on our journey through self. You might want to make a mask, write a poem, dance or sing. Follow the path on which your trances lead and be prepared for an adventure. Each of our stories will be woven into the fabric an imaginary tapestry representing how we are each one part of a world community.  More Information

July 24 -28: Cuyamungue Board of Directors Meeting

July 31 – August 4:   The Power of Animal Spirit Guides – Nick Brink – Identifying a spirit guide, generally an animal spirit guide, to supplement the process towards healing, personal growth and going beyond in accessing the Universal Mind.

August 22 – 25:  Authentic Movement & Ecstatic Postures – Bat-Sheva Koren – Authentic Movement creates a space where one can be present in PURE consciousness in the process of transitioning from stillness to movement and back. Holding a Ritual Body Posture facilitated by a rhythm opens an entry into the realm of the Spirit. Both guide our journey to a place where the role of the witness and the mover in the experience may be revealed. If one chooses to listen, the Spirit may guide the experiencing of the alternate reality as complementary to the daily one. Contact Bat-Sheva

August 28 – September 1:  Masked Trance Dance – Paul Robear, Laura Lee and Belinda Gore.  Adventure into the depth of inspiration and intuitive guidance as we make masks, costumes, and our experiences will create a mythic story and end in a creation a sacred dance . Contact Paul Robear

September 4- 8:  Instructor Training and Certification – Belinda Gore and Paul Robear. How to teach the safe and simple six-step process, known as the Cuyamungue Method.  Contact Belinda

September 12 – 15: Gathering of the Grandmothers – Susan Bannister.  A retreat for the “Grandmothers” (60 and up) of Cuyamungue. Following in the footsteps of Dr. Goodman, this is an opportunity for us as grandmothers to gather to share in the wisdom tradition of women elders. Contact Susan Bannister

September 12 – 22:  Ancient Egyptian Body Postures – Meredith McCord and Jill Schumacher.  Delve deep into Egyptian ecstatic body postures, healing postures and Ancient Egyptian Teachings. Their website is http://www.egyptianhealing.com/

October 3 – 6:  First Annual Men’s Conclave – Paul Robear.  The time has come for the men of the institute to gather and share the power of the Cuyamungue Method as a group.  This will the first time in the history of the Institute that an all male event will be conducted at the Institute. Email me directly at paulrobear@cuyamungueinstitute.com for more information.

Want to more information? Email us and we will answer your questions and connect you directly with the workshop instructor(s).

2014 Centennial Celebration for Dr. Felicitas Goodman, founder of Cuyamungue Institute

2014 marks the 100th anniversary of Felicitas’ arrival on this planet. We want to mark the year with special events at Cuyamungue to honor her life and work with an international event welcoming all cultures, all languages and all those around the world who are carrying on her legacy. Our hope is to come together, both in person and via the Internet, to share stories of Felicitas and what her work means to us. We are brainstorming and visioneering a gathering for the Summer of 2014 and actively looking for knowledgeable and enthusiastic volunteers. That means you! We intend to find a date and time that works for the majority of the community.  This event is open to all, and we need your ideas and participation. We may need to add temporary accommodations and gathering spaces, and for those who need more comfortable accommodations, the beautiful new Hilton at Buffalo Thunder is a short distance away and very reasonable priced. We can negotiate a group of rooms depending on the demand.

If you are inspired to suggest activities and participate on the committee that plans and executes this event, do let me know. It won’t happen without people stepping forward and making it happen! Email me directly at paulrobear@cuyamungueinstitute.com

We need your support! The Cuyamungue Institute, like many non-profit organizations, has limited resources. We are proud of the scope of work we have already accomplished, but its just the beginning, and there is much more to do! Here’s how you can participate:

  • Be a Volunteer  – Ask about existing, on-going projects you can help with. Or suggest projects that you can work on, fund, or both!
  • Attend workshops at the Institute – Bless yourself and CI Workshop fees directly support maintenance of the land and buildings.
  • Personal Donations – 100% of your donations and gifts go directly to the Institute, and are tax deductible.
  • Corporate Donations – Your company can have a tremendous impact. Also ask us how we can bring our work to your company!

Also consider making a donation by clicking here.  Ongoing research and new applications of this work with Ritual Postures is only possible because of donations made by people like you.  Laura Lee, our Director of Outreach and Development, is available to answer your  questions and to provide more information. Contact her at lauralee@cuyamungueinstitute.com

Thanks for reading! Forward this to your friends who will enjoy this! Let me hear from you!

If you have any questions about the Institute or the Cuyamungue Method, please feel free to contact us. We welcome all correspondence. Email me directly at paulrobear@cuyamungueinstitute.com .

Paul Robear – October 2012