Film Can Help Change the World – Tyler A. Chase


We are all on a quest, and film is a compelling and vivid way to share it, bringing the audience along to explore the human condition, showcase shared experience, challenge assumptions, shape worldviews, and inspire action. Documentaries can ask pivotal questions and help usher our emerging global community to greater understanding. We go behind the scenes with Tyler Chase, to ask, what led her to film? Tyler has several projects in various stages of development, production and post. We too have been following this story, and Tyler will share insights and research, along with drone footage of a natural feature of the landscape resembling a mammoth as cited by recent guests.

Currently working on a feature documentary regarding the cultural destruction of First Nations historical sites, Tyler says “my film is about the ongoing cultural erasure of Native Americans through the destruction and colonial interpretation of Americas original historical and sacred sites. “

Tyler A. Chase. She wears many hats, from Director, Producer, Writer, Fundraiser, Cinemaphotographer and as an FAA certified drone pilot. Tyler Chase’s documentaries, Sweet Soul in Exile and A Castle in Brooklyn, King Arthur won many awards at film festivals, and led to her participation in human rights forums, from the White House to the United Nations, where her film footage was screened as testimony. See more on the films of Tyler A Chase at