Spirit of the Green Man – David Elkington

We have turned the corner of the seasons, and with the days getting longer, its time to celebrate the return of the light. Let’s do so with the mythic Green Man. Our guest David Elkington notes, “as the ghosts of winter fade, the Green Man pours forth his/her influence upon us, speaking with joy and love for those who love our Earth. And with terror for those who do not. We see that in the root word of terror/terre.” David points to ritual designed to activate our pineal gland and sync our biorhythms with the Earth’s, and to the Green Man’s influence seen far and wide in his counterparts: Robin Hood, dressed in green, Isis, “the original Maid Marion” and Osiris/Orion, painted green by the Egyptians to denote his role as the vegetative god of rebirth.

David Elkington is an academic researcher, mythologist and historian. He is the author of “The Ancient Language of Sacred Sound.” See our previous conversation with David on sacred sound. He has lectured at Oxford and Cambridge Universities and appeared radio & television programs.

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