The Emerging Age of Global Consciousness Guest: William Halal

Bill wrote Beyond Knowledge: How Technology is Driving an Age of Consciousness and his TechCastProject newsletter as a roadmap to define and usher in the emerging Age of Global Consciousness. He builds the big picture, from the Life Cycle of Evolution and its recent acceleration from eons-long geological and biological ages, and our leaps and bounds from Hunter-Gatherer to Agriculture to Industry to our current phase-shifts with a “crisis in Global Maturity” to hopefully an age of “Global Consciousness”. What does that look like? What tools and data support this? What hurdles stand in our way? What institutions and underlying principles must we transform, along with ourselves? In his list of “Technologies of Consciousness” the work of CI certainly has a place, as do our key messages: our Earth and all of life is sacred, strength lies in diversity within unity, in community. What other means to optimally ‘manage our mind’ (what we call our ‘inner technology’) can we utilize? What part does our individual and collective growth and consciousness play in what wants to emerge here? How do we help usher it in? Join us as we collectively call forth the world we want to live in.

William E. Halal is Professor Emeritus of Management, Technology, and Innovation at George Washington University, Washington, D.C. An authority on emerging technology, strategic planning, knowledge, innovation, and institutional change, he has worked with General Motors, AT&T, SAIC, MCI, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, International Data Corporation, the DoD, the Asian Development Bank, foreign companies, and various government agencies.

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