The Great Healing: Ourselves and Our Planet – Dr. Sailesh Rao

“Climate healing is the largest engineering project in the history of humanity.”

So says our guest, systems engineer Dr. Sailesh Rao. “Any project involving a large number of people trying to achieve a common, measurable objective is, by definition, an engineering project. Any engineering project requires solid systems engineering to inform its proposed implementation steps so that we can monitor our progress towards meeting objectives” he says, and, “as an inhabitant of planet earth, you are a team member on this project whether you like it or not.” Find out how Sailesh Rao measures this in easily understandable terms. He invites us to “Put on our Chrysalis avatar and leave our Caterpillar past behind” and co-create a “new story of human belonging in Nature, and a new phase of humanity.”

Dr. Rao continues “I worked on the internet communications infrastructure for 20 years after graduation. Then, in Dec 2005, I came home from work, turned on the TV and there was Vice President Al Gore talking about climate change. I was so shocked by what he said that I decided to look into it and within 3 months, I realized that our ecological predicament was much worse than what he was saying. That’s when I closed down my internet business and wrote to Mr. Gore asking how I can help him. I spent the next two years giving his slide show to audiences and then decided to start my own non-profit, Climate Healers in Dec 2007, dedicated towards healing the Earth’s climate. Transform Yourself, Transform Your World.