Artists & Spirit Series: The Egyptian Diviner

Marsha Streng. “When sleeping women wake… mountains move.” Chinese Proverb
The Egyptian Diviner by Marsha Streng Over the course of several months, four women, with Laura Lee’s guidance, shared the experience of four goddess postures which we agreed to express artistically–each of us in our own way. We took a selected posture and worked with it from new moon to new moon, and then shared our experiences and expressions. The example shown is the Egyptian Diviner. The questions we asked were: “What shift in consciousness is gestating for Earth? What is our role in this–collectively and personally? What message does the great Mother have for me, for us?” Separated by great geographical distance, each of us set our ritual and entered the trance posture on our own. My Experience (in brief): I was taken to the “sacred mountains”, and the full moon was rising behind the mountains. I heard the words “The Earth is sacred. You must live in a sacred place”. The mountain became a beautiful woman waking from sleep. My guide tells me that there is no reason to fear–we are Spirit and we live in our sacred space/place. We are to Give our love and gratitude.  Below the sacred mountain, I see children playing in sunny fields. “Play”, she tells me “is healing. Play and dance like children and give this energy to the Earth.” I chose the medium of collage to pull together the elements of my trance.  As the images emerged and came together, I was surprised at how the piece developed and how the many facets of the vision and message came through.
Egyptian Diviner
Some of the collage elements are from my personal collections, some came through serendipity. The Chinese proverb “appeared” during a Google word search. It fit my trance perfectly. The mountains of Amatlan Mexico and other images are on photo paper. I included sage, copal, feathers, a traditional temazcal and other symbols of sacred space. A couple of the beautiful children are my own grandchildren and also my smiling dog (who knows about love and play)!  As the piece came together, I was amazed at how the process deepened and expanded the experience for me. I would encourage people to try this technique in whatever medium speaks to you. Working meditatively and artistically with a trance posture over a moon month brought it to life–and into my life–in ways that truly enriched and deepened the trance message and experience for me. – Marsha —————- Editors note: The intent behind our Artists and Spirit program is to explore, document ritual posture experience using artistic mediums such as sketching, painting, sculpting, etc… Throught direct experience we combine the art field and the spirit world. Participants are inspired by imagery encountered during experiences with the Cuyamungue Method, essentially, documenting ones experience using artistic mediums. In this process we explore the field of consciousness both theoretically and practically. By using the Cuyamungue Method, we open the communication between our artistic spirit and and connection between the mind and body. Ritual Postures as a method increases our creativity and opens channels of inspiration from the artistic field of consciousness within you. We welcome your submissions!  Also,feel free to contact us for more information about this posture or about the Cuyamungue Method