Call of the Planet

by Deborah Milton, PhD.

The planet calls for us humans to evolve or perish. It’s quite a clear choice really.

We who know Postures need to speak up. Those of us who have experienced our brains wholing, our body/mind integrating, whose consciousness has expanded because of this practice, who live everyday with a felt sense of spiritual companionship, we need to share our stories. I’m calling here, now, for those of us who know the power of Ecstatic Postures to bring this remarkable practice into recognition and acceptance in every way we can.

It’s good medicine for humans and a contribution to evolution.

Almost forty years ago, anthropologist Felicitas Goodman, PhD, discovered the power of combining rhythm with a posture based on ancestral artifacts to expand our consciousness in a reliable and safe way. She protected the integrity of the practice by purposefully keeping quiet about its existence.  The demands of our economy, the crisis to our habitat, the need to change dominant cultural paradigms to ones that nurture earth, this evolutionary moment all force us to share this practice widely.

At about the same time Felicitas was making her discoveries, Edgar Mitchell was walking on the moon. On the long journey home, he experienced an epiphany: Separation is an illusion. He says, “I was overwhelmed with the sensation of physically and mentally extending out into the cosmos. The restraints and boundaries of flesh and bone fell away.” He experienced the “ecstasy of unity,” and his life ever since has been guided by that knowing.  He established the Institute of Noetic Sciences in the early 1970’s to provide multidisciplinary support for research and exploration of the worlds beyond our ordinary means of knowing, to study expanded awareness and the nature of mind.

We don’t need to be astronauts to experience that “ecstasy of unity.” We have Ecstatic Postures. This practice is fundamental to nurturing wise, digital natives and indigenous urban humans.

I hear the planet’s call to bring our Institute and the Cuyamungue Method ( Ecstatic Wisdom Postures ) into greater service for the evolving human…Do you?