Cuyamungue International

Our international community is growing!

Our goal at the Cuyamungue Institute is to empower individuals and groups around the world to continue sharing the Cuyamungue Method as a means to expand consciousness. There is growing demand for a safe means to mind-body healing, and to enjoy a greater connection with all living things.

It’s great to hear from our friends in distant lands.  This recent report from Judith Ress in Santiago, Chile. Thanks to Belinda Gore for sharing this report.

Santiago, Chile

Group leaders, Judith Ress and Margaret O’Rourke
Report From Judith:
“For two years now, I’ve been holding posture rituals on Monday evenings at Con-spirando. Sometimes we are only four or five, but of late we are as many as 20. It seems that the postures have become an “attractor” for many people in search of…. something. Of late, many of the folks showing up are young people connected to ecological groups. We continue to experiement with the postures in Belinda’s two books, but we are also experimenting with postures we are unearthing in this region of the planet…. Margaret has been collecting some of the trance experiences with these experimental postures (mostly of Mapuche origin).Just thought I’d let you know that the circles are growing!

This evening we closed the year with an Olmec posture we’ve been experimenting with–probably a divinization posture. (Tis summertime in Chile, so we are going to take a two-month recess).

I continue to be amazed at the enthusiasm being created around the posture experience–and the emerging sense that we are collectively in communion with the spirits who are guiding us at this juncture in our history.

This evening I told the group about your interest in what we are doing, and of course there is a GREAT willingness to connect with you and to feel we are part of something larger….”

Also, this evening two members of the group approached me about the possibility of becoming facilitators…. They need to become certified, so we need Belinda come to Chile again, to initiate more folks as facilitators. I am amazed at these young people and their commitment. Shall we see where the spirits lead us?
And they would love to write about what we are experiencing with some of the postures from this area of Latin America. Stay tuned. (Does the network read Spanish?). – In the greening, Judy