Event: Art & Spirit Posture


SPECIAL EVENT: Art & Spirit — POSTURE Session Followed by Art Activity

WHEN: Every Wednesday

HOW LONG? We’ll go a little longer than usual for this session as needed

START TIME: STARTING ON TIME Our usual session time: 9am Pacific, 12 noon Eastern

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One of the foundations for the practice of Ecstatic Trance Postures is art — the enduring ancient art found throughout our world, on the walls of caves, rock faces, on pottery, shell, stone, bone, as carvings and sculptures. Archeologists today agree that much of this art was inspired by spirit journeys of our ancestors. And so we continue in that tradition, to see how the very process of moving from a trance state into that special zone where art flows can enhance and inform, what part of us comes forth with the art, and what it has to say. This is where the inner process gets as interesting in the sharing, as the resulting art.

This is an opportunity to take our experiences from Ecstatic Trance Postures and apply them directly to creating art. And as we share our experiences, it will be about what we observed as we transition from the still stance of trance to the activity of pouring forth from that space onto the page. We’ll also share our art piece, holding it up as we share. As we have limited time for this activity, you might think about how to fill your page quickly, or you might consider your page something you come back to again, to continuing the dialogue with the page. So, what medium? Any you choose

  •    Drawings
  •     Pen / Pencils
  •     Charcoal
  •     Crayons
  •     Chalk
  •     Etc….
  •     Painting
    •     Acrylic Paint.
    •     Watercolor Paint.
    •     Gouache paint.
    •     Ink paintings.
  •     Sculpture
    •     clay
    • Collage — any found objects and mixed media
  • Music
  • Poetry