Experiences – Daniela in Romania

We received the following letter from Daniela in Romania. It is thrilling for us to receive communication from people around the world about their practice, and how they found this work. Thank you, Daniela for writing, and for permission to share your beautiful description of your experiences and impact on your life. Laura and I followed up with Daniela via Skype and email, and we’ll share more on that next issue. Here is Daniela’s letter.

I was inspired to write you all after reading the letter from Mike . I am a beginner too , but I had extraordinary experiences from day 1.  I Live in Romania , Europe , and I am proud to know that this is where Dr Felicitas Goodman was born. I have 2 books containing ecstatic postures and I am using both of them ; I also  have a notebook were I write everything that I saw and felt during the 15 minutes of trance. All of my experiences are absolutely fantastic.

I usually choose a position by thinking about an issue and then open the book randomly ; every single time, the posture was chosen perfectly to suit my needs ; I never read the chapter for the posture before I am experiencing with it , so that I would not be influenced by the stories of others; every single time, my experience was almost similar with the stories shared in the book and the nature of the posture (for healing , divination, etc) perfectly suited and answered my questions. I always start with a ritual , described in the books. I play the cd and I am using headphones with loud volume so that I could enter easily in trance.

first time, the book opened to Nupe Mallam posture , when I asked for an answer regarding relationship problems; I immediately felt a strong connection with my ancestors up to 100,000 years ago . Revelations and insights kept coming even one week later after that. Second time, I asked for healing my empathic nature and Corn Godess came along as the recommended posture.
during that trance and 2 days later I got an answer that I was searching for four years. When I was terribly depressed , the book opened to the Shaman held by the Bear and starting the posture I felt the warmness and loving side of the grandfather Bear , while my head was leaning on his chest; during that trance I saw how when I was in the womb as fetus , I coudn’t connect easily with my mother and therefore I was missing many nutrients and that was the cause of my depression ; it was biochemical , not caused by some emotional pain.

I wanted one day to see why I always do things because I should and not because I love them so I chose randomly the Jama Coake posture and during the trance I was an animal and I experienced living life from its perspective and I was having a lot of fun , always knowing that life is a journey and an adventure , even in death.

Another day , I wanted to see why I was stuck in a situation that I couldnt fix and I opened the book to the Olmec posture ; that was a fantastic experience ; I saw how I am flying away from Earth and I go from one universe to another, while planets and solar systems are getting bigger and bigger , until my brain just couldnt take it anymore and it became difficult to understand how big they really were and that actually everything is infinitely bigger ; then I realized that my problems are so small in comparison with these huge forces and that my life is actually guided and I have to learn patience.

Then, while I was trying to know how can I live a life full of harmony and easy and fun , I draw the Albatross posture and I felt the joy of life of that , being it , living it ; I saw how much fun it is to live free as a bird , able to fly everywhere , eating whenever I feel just by launching into the sea and how relaxed I was always ; I learned from him that life is always a holliday and home means the sea and sky which meant freedom.

at one time I had an inflamation on my right hip and I found the Realm of the Dead posture ; during the trance I saw that my biggest fear (and maybe the root cause of the inflamation) was of dying and then I saw myself dead and then alive and then dead again and so on ; I saw my flesh appearing and dissappearing over and over until I understood that I am the same (in spirit) in life as in death and there is no need to be afraid anymore.

One of the most interesting experiences was when I asked for healing my ovary and I received the Lady of Atotolnico posture ; I saw the color red and I heard a serene feminine voice speaking to me in an old language , saying mantras for healing me and many other people who like me, were gathered on a mountain for rituals ; I was taught to do specific movements with my body and arms for healing . And many other powerful experiences I had but I guess you have a picture of that by now. I just wanted to thank you for creating these books , for sharing your experiences and for being there. I learned by doing the postures a new kind of spirituality , one that is not based on any dogma or religion , one that connects me with my spirit and body and empowers me .

Thank you for spreading this into the world!  Daniela

Thank you Daniela for sharing your experiences  — You are obviously finding the postures quite effective and from everything you have shared, you are following the all the steps of correctly with very rewarding results. Keep it up the good work!

Your letter is quite moving and it is a great example of how this process works in a different way for each individual. You are having what I refer to as a full blown “technicolor” experience. The other types of experiences, that I mentioned in my response to Mike, are that some people by nature are very visual, some are more affected on the level of feeling and others may be more auditory. Some people at first may just feel heat or they may just see a blank screen of color, we just go with the experience and release any expectation and judgment. Dr. Goodman was always careful to remain objective and not judge that one experience is better than another.

This brings up one of the unique aspects to the posture experiences – no one interprets your experience but you. This is your direct experience and thus no matter what type of experience you have, you are the expert of your experience.  In the workshop setting, Instructors will facilitate experiences but we do not do interpretation.  So all experience are equal, whether someone has a technicolor experience or simply a peaceful feeling of healing.

We love to hear your experiences and everyone is always invited to share experiences with us. Email us anytime with your experiences at experiences@cuyamungueinstitute.com .  If you have any questions and comments about the Institute or the Cuyamungue Method, please feel free to contact us. We welcome all correspondence. Email me directly at paulrobear@cuyamungueinstitute.com.

Blessings, Paul Robear