First Flight

 From time to time we feature new participants experiences with the community. As our database of experiences continues to grow, it adds to the overwhelming evidence of that ordinary people can have quite extraordinary predicted experiences through the Cuyamungue Method using ritual body postures. The experiences below were from an introductory session using the Tsimshian Shamaness posture: Jane Buck: I felt very at home, comfortable and safe, as I entered the beautiful candle lit kiva, a circle formation of large pillows with a woven rug and drum in the center. I honestly didn’t know anything about what we were going to do…maybe postures, like yoga? After a about 5 minutes of silence, my journey began; I see flocks of birds, lots of birds flying overhead. A ball of energy blasted through my solar plexus area creating a huge hole and a green light then flowed out of me being pulled by unseen hands. An elderly Northwest Indian man’s face appeared. Without words, he showed me that he was the caretaker of the land we were sitting on and that he had been there many generations. I was journeying up a trail on a mountainside with a group of people, maybe my tribe? It was a path to find answers to heal a sickness. I noticed a small yellow bird on a branch guiding me/us. Seeing a very sick person lying on a bed, surrounded and enveloped by white downy feathers, which were softly caressing him with utmost healing delicacy. My brother appeared to greet me. He passed 1 year ago on Christmas day. I asked the spirits who we had invoked for the evening, for a healing for my family.  I saw yellow as a healing color and perhaps a yarrow plant was being shown to me to find and use? Seeing my youngest son wildly, blissfully, moving his head and body, dancing to the drumming beat with much vitality and joy!  I felt myself very tense, and saw myself holding onto a huge boulder in a river. It was difficult was to hold onto, especially because the current was flowing downstream. I felt my body start to relax as I let go…ahhh. Someone hit the back side of my head with a hand. (It didn’t hurt) This area is where I hold a lot of tension and pain. I saw a baby bird being pushed gently, lovingly, out of its nest by the mother bird. I felt connected to the nature of all things in cycles. I refocused on the posture and felt my left arm was a broken wing. A clear cello tube was placed over me and it began to shrink wrap all around me. A hole in my crown opened and I felt a breath blow into me and it became an almost liquid energy of bluish-whitish light and it filled me up. I expanded with this new life energy. All too soon the drumming slowed down and then came to a stop. My journey was very enjoyable and I am grateful to have received a new energetic awareness, which already has brought increased consciousness to my life. I thank Paul and Laura Lee for creating such an enriching and dynamic environment for me and for so many others who love to journey inward together. – Jane Buck Sam Buck: We honored spirit by blessing all directions and we opened the gates through the smoke of sage. Striking an ancient pose as the beat of the drum awakens my inner sight I experience a connection to the energy of my indigenous self. I glimpse progressive images of a ceremonial, fox, buck, wolf, and then I see a large yellow eye opening. I then find myself looking at a full moon over a mountain valley from the position of an owl in flight with the last image being distant beautiful puffy clouds against a blue sky. As those images fade I find myself looking at the serious face of a powerful being in a ceremonial cape that I recognize as a great teacher as well as my second born son. I saw that he had great respect from others and for me and that he was a man of few words who had little tolerance for doubt. I then saw that I was in the role a leader of even greater respect and that we deeply honored each others place in the world. The drumming slowed to stop; we slowly came back to current time and were then invited to pen our experience.  – Sam Buck
Sam and Jane Buck
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