Meeting Mother Earth

by Jane Segleau Earle

I started my shamanical studies over 10 years ago, when I learned to journey using a drum. A friend lent me Dr. Goodman´s book which changed my life as it has touched so many others. I live in Costa Rica, a occasionally have offered Journeying workshops.

Recently in a workshop we experimented with a position which is found commonly in our museums. Again and again, you can find stautues of women, sitting cross legged or only the open legs up until the knees can be seen. She is beautifully painted, always, on her legs, around her breasts and her face. Her hands are resting on her hips. Another unique characteristic is her headress which opens to the sky, and is empty, forming a kind of cup.

Journeys included many images of breast feeding, giving birth, motherly figures and Life and information about Life and about how to protect Mother earth. Scenarios included the land, the ocean and the Universe. It became evident that we were speaking with a great spirit, a healing motherly spirit. I felt her as Mother Earth Herself.

It was a incredibly moving experience to meet such a spirit, to find so much beauty, such strength and wisdom in this figure from the museum. I am very grateful to Dr. Felicitas Goodman for opening this door to knowledge, and to our ancestors, who left clues on how to return to harmony.

The group decided to share this experience with others, so of course, provide this summary for the Cuyamungue Institute.

Jane Segleau Earle
Costa Rica

Photographs from the book Costa Rica Precolombina by Luis Ferrero, 1 ed. , San José, Costa Rica, 2000.
488 p.

About the Author:
Jane Segleau Earle wrote the popular book on medicinal plants of Costa Rica: Plantas Medicinales del Tropico Humedo. After graduating from the Costa Rican Technological Institute as a forestry engineer, Jane began to study the relationship between personal and planetary healing, which lead her to become a Reiki Master. She specializes in bioenergy work and ancestral healing arts including shamanic counseling, ceremonies and soul retrieval. Jane has been teaching workshops and practicing herbalism, Shamanic Journey, Reiki and other healing modalities for over twenty years.