Post Workshop Synchronicity

by Curtis Daily

Following our “Initiatory Training” workshop, we stopped for gas in the town just north of Cuyamungue, I pulled up to a pump right next to a state trooper; a huge foreboding guy in an all black uniform and wearing black sunglasses, who was filling his tank. I looked up at his face and he broke out in a gigantic smile and said “hi, how are you?” I replied that everything was pretty wonderful, and asked him if he minded if I inquired of him for some directions about a good route out of New Mexico. I pulled out my map and he showed me a route that he said was really beautiful (and it was) and then said he was going part of the way so how about if I followed him through the next town so I wouldn’t get lost connecting with the other highway. Wow. And when he pulled off after that he waved at us, blipped his siren and flashed his overhead lights. Further to that story, when I looked in my rear view mirror afterward at my crazed looking face and wild hair, I’m even more surprised at his totally wonderful reaction.

And Margi had a phone call right after that with some completely serendipitous news. There’s some magic in the air for sure and we hope to hold onto it.

The pull of Cuyamungue is strong. It felt like a true home from the moment we arrived. The tranquility of place, the bond of community, and the intense sense of purpose, are rare and wonderful things to experience and would have made the trip worth doing on their own merits. But the initiation process, which was beautifully guided, I lack other words for so I will just close this message with……thanks.

About the Author
Curtis Daily has served as principal bassist with Portland Baroque Orchestra since 1989, and Seattle Baroque Orchestra since 1993. He also performs with Pacific Baroque Orchestra in Vancouver BC, and has recently toured with the Musica Angelica Baroque Orchestra of Los Angeles and the Wiener Akademie Orchestra of Vienna. He is a regular participant at the Oregon Bach Festival, Montana Baroque Festival, and the Vancouver Early Music Festival in Vancouver BC.

Also active in chamber music, Mr Daily makes frequent appearances at the Chamber Music Northwest summer festival where he has performed with many of the most prominent chamber musicians in the world, including members of the Emerson, Guarneri, and Tokyo Quartets.

He is heard on several critically acclaimed recordings, including the Grammy winning performance of “Credo”, composed by Krzysztof Penderecki, directed by Helmut Rilling, and performed by the Oregon Bach Festival Orchestra and Chorus.”