Rattle, Ritual and Self Restoration.

by Paul Robear
Within the process of ritual, almost always there is sound that drives the ceremony.  Rattles are at the heart of the Ecstatic Trance Posture Practice. Rhythmic auditory stimulation of the human body combined with Trance Postures produce a physiological shift which leads to a profound change in consciousness, enabling one to experience different areas of the alternate reality… an expanded consciousness.  The sound of a rattle is simple, but its has the ability to open doorways of extraordinary depths and meaning.
Worldwide indigenous peoples see rattles as the voice of Spirits and instruments of healing. From pre-history to today people the world over use rattles for sacred ceremonies and rituals.

The voice of the rattle is important to be able to connect with when we begin to perform our ritual. At first we may just hear stones rattling about however once we release into it, the rattle takes on life, we achieve a alternate state of consciousness, an alternate reality. We travel across the veil into the hidden realms where the healing work occurs. The rattle is also used to call in the compassionate helping spirits to assist in healing work or to assist in a sacred healing ceremony.

We do not control the rattle. let it speak. In this way respectfully we acknowledge the Spirit of the Rattle.