Certified Instructor Agreement

What Does it Mean to be a Certified Instructor?

The term “Certification of Completion” means that all required training has been completed. It means you have completed the steps required to properly represent and teach to others the work of Dr. Felicitas Goodman and the Cuyamungue Institute. It means that the individual has completed the specified number of hours of training, including written and practical proficiencies and field work.

Unfortunately, in today’s litigious society,  we as instructors , like other professionals, can be subject to claims for damages for any number of claimed reasons. That is why we strongly recommend you use a wavier of liability and hold harmless agreement to protect yourself as independent instructors. Each state has its own rules and we cannot give you legal advice. You should always consult your own attorney regarding the proper form for the waiver.

The Cuyamungue Institute is an educational organization only, and cannot be held responsible for how individual instructors interpret, adapt or use the Cuyamungue Method once training is completed. We can only recommend that all instruction of the Cuyamungue Method be done in the manner specified by Dr. Goodman.

Advanced Training for Instructors
Advanced training is available for Instructors who wish to conduct Masked Trance Dance. While only one Masked Trance dance is required for Instructor Certification, two masked trance dances are required with one of them with specific training for conducting the Masked Trance Dance.

Hold Harmless
All instructors and participants accept that any instruction undertaken is solely the responsibility of the participant and that the Cuyamungue Institute is not be responsible or liable for any reason as a result of participating in any classes or instruction.

Institute Intellectual Property
You must not use any Cuyamungue Institute™ Intellectual Property or materials to promote or describe any other forms or methods of training/instruction, or offer any third-party training, products or services under the Cuyamungue Institute™ name, logo or other Cuyamungue Institute™ Intellectual Property.  Using your Cuyamungue Institute™ certified status or any Cuyamungue Institute™ name or other Intellectual Property to advertise, or promote any non-Cuyamungue Institute™ training, practice, products or services is prohibited.

Certified Trainer Conduct
Appropriate Conduct.  You acknowledge that you are not our employee or agent, and do not have authority to enter into any legal agreements on our behalf  or bind us in any way.  Nevertheless, you understand that, as a certified instructor of the Cuyamungue Institute™ Intellectual Property, you represent our brand to the public.  Accordingly, you agree to act in a legal, professional, non-detrimental, non-disruptive, and appropriate manner at all times. Without limitation, this means you will not act in any lewd, sexist, racist, discriminatory, off-color, illegal, or other inappropriate or offensive manner, or in any manner that diminishes the value of the Cuyamungue Institute™ Intellectual Property or associated goodwill, or the Cuyamungue Institute™ Materials.

We reserve the right to determine, in our sole discretion, what types of conduct are detrimental, disruptive or inappropriate for our brand and public image.  Your certification may be terminated immediately by us for any inappropriate conduct by you.

We reserve the right to revise these policies as needed to improve the training and certification program. We reserve the right to require additional instructor classes designed to strengthen our instructor program. We reserve the right to require additional training or to change and/or modify these requirements from time to time.

We have an required annual Certification membership fee of $100 for the 12-month cycle.  Your participation maintains your active membership status with the Institute.

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Certified Instructor

Authorized Representative – Cuyamungue Institute