Instructor Network Membership

The Network is a professional organization of Certified Instructors who are teaching The Cuyamungue method in workshops around the world.


We have an annual Network membership fee of $100 for the 12-month cycle.  Your participation maintains your active membership status with the Institute. If you are a lifetime member, then your Network membership fee is $50 annually. Please submit your membership fee before January 31st.

Why Become a Network Member?

  • You are part of a global network of  Instructors and researchers.
  • You have access to network conference calls and communications
  • You will be invited to participate in Instructor ‘ad hoc’ meetings and workshops.
  • You can participate in e activities and projects of benefit to the Institute.
  • You can contribute to newsletter to share with the Cuyamungue Community
  • You can stimulate research and encourage others to discover the Cuyamungue Method.
  • You will participate in the efficient integration of multidisciplinary research.
  • You will have access to a database of images and reports
  • Your workshops will be posted on the Cuyamungue website.
  • Queries for instruction in and around your geographical area will be forward to you.
  • Your bio, photo and contact information will be listed on the Cuyamungue website.
  • To support our expanding Cuyamungue Institute programs.
  • Most Important of all:  It is a way to give back to support the legacy of the rediscovery of this ancient method.

Become a Network member by one of these these options

  • Use PayPal – you will be able to use your credit card as well. Simply – you don’t need a Paypal account..
  • Send your check for made payable to: Cuyamungue Institute 20-A Feather Catcher Road, Santa Fe 87506


Once you have paid your dues for the year you are eligible to have your bio with photo posted on the web site. In addition,  your workshops can also be posted in the “events” section of the Cuyamungue web site.  Visit the Instructor page for examples of brief bio’s and photos of current Network members.   Send this information, along with any workshops you have scheduled to


As the certification training program develops, more mentors will be needed for trainees. Guidelines for mentors need to be developed by Network members who are would like to function in this role for new trainees. If you have ideas or interest, Contact us at

In order to maintain certification, Instructors agree:
  • to teach the material and methods developed by the Cuyamungue Institute.
  • to provide the Cuyamungue Institute with a list of the names and contact information for all participants in your workshops.
  • to participate in any additional training that may be required as a result of new research findings.
  • to be a paid up to date member of Cuyamungue Institute at all times.
Unfortunately, in today’s litigious society,  we as instructors , like other professionals, can be subject to claims of negligence etc… That is why we recommend you use a wavier / hold harmless agreement to protect yourself as independent instructors. Using a proper wavier / hold harmless agreement is about protection – for you and your family. Each state has its own rules, and protocol, so we cannot give you legal advice, it is best to consult your own local attorney if you have questions.  The Cuyamungue Institute is an educational organization only, and cannot be held responsible for how individual instructors interpret, adapt or use the Cuyamungue Method once training is completed. We can only recommend that all instruction of the Cuyamungue Method be done in the way and steps specified by Dr. Goodman.  As has always been our policy, instructors and participants accepts that any classes or instruction undertaken are solely the responsibility of the user and that the Cuyamungue Institute will not be held responsible or liable for any reason as a result of undertaking any classes or instruction. Questions? Contact us at