Certified Instructor License Terms

Grant of License
Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, and subject to the Applicant receiving Certification from the Institute, the Institute grants the Applicant the non-exclusive, non-transferable, terminable license rights to:

(a) offer, and teach the Cuyamungue Institute Ritual Postures, in strict conformity with the guidelines established by the Institute, in its sole discretion, provided that the Applicant shall not offer or teach any Cuyamungue Institute  in conflicting and confusing locations that do not reflect the dignity of the teaching.

(b) Use the terms “Cuyamungue Method” and/or “Ritual Postures” and [list any other trademarks the applicant is licensed to use] (“Marks”) to describe classes offered in connection with the Applicant’s status as an Institute Method Teacher, provided that the Applicant shall not use any such Marks in connection with any business or establishment that is not a licensed franchise of the Institute or an affiliated Institute school or studio, as determined by the Institute in its sole discretion, and provided that such classes always conform to the  Institute’s quality control standards which the Applicant hereby agrees to adhere to; and

(c) Refer to himself/herself as an “Cuyamungue Institute Instructor,” or “Institute Certified Teacher” so long as the Applicant is in compliance with all of the terms of this Agreement.

Your Relationship to CI
The relationship between you and us is and shall be that of independent contractors and nothing in this Agreement shall be construed or used to create or imply any relationship of partners, joint ventures, or employer and employee.

Masked Trance Dance Training
Advanced certification required. To become a Instructor of the Masked Trance Dance require advance training and has very specialized and specific steps which is not included in the Instructor Certification training.  Contact us of you would like to enroll in a MTD Instructor training program.

License Restrictions
The license granted hereunder is subject to the following restrictions:

(a)Certification or Re-Certification (as the case may be) does not entitle nor qualify the Applicant to train, teach, or give instruction to others in connection with, or towards completion of, the Teacher Training Course, or any portion or derivative thereof.

(b) The Applicant is not entitled to vary the dialogue in any manner whatsoever.

(c) The Applicant may not add to, subtract from, or otherwise radically modify the ritual or the posture method.  Becuase of cultural differences minor changes may be necessary. Please consult your mentor or the Board of Directors if you need further clarification.

(d) The Applicant may not use any of the Marks or the Copyrights for the sale of any merchandise or goods.

(e)Upon expiration or termination of Certification or Re-Certification (as the case may be), the Applicant is expressly prohibited from teaching the Cuyamungue Institute, and from using  any of the Copyrights or Marks, nor may the Applicant use the designation, or hold himself/herself out, as an Institute Method Teacher or Institute Certified Instructor/Teacher.

Royality Fees. As part of supporting the long-term health and survivial of the Institute, a tradition established many years ago by the Institute’s Board of Directors was to collect a tithe of 10% of gross earning from each workshop conducted in the field.  Payment should be made out directly to the Cuyamungue Institute by check and mailed to the 20-A Feather Catcher address.