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Posture Verifications

As instructors it is our responsibility at the Cuyamungue Institute to maintain the standard of posture verification establish by Dr. Felicitas Goodman.  This is the very heart of the work of Dr. Goodman in which we have been entrusted to maintain;  a database of postures that meet the criteria.  The long term impact of the re-discovery of ritual postures cannot be know, however we do know that to water-down the discovery, with postures that don’t lead to the ecstatic experience of the alternate reality, will weaken the very teaching we represent.

Here are the fundamental steps that must be followed for the safe use and verification of new potential postures:

  • Horticultural society or earlier, but will explore postures that are later.
  • Postures should be found in different areas of world used by people of different cultures.
  • Under the direction of a Certified Instructor, all prospective postures need to be explored, researched and documented by various groups.

If you feel you have a posture:

  • Document as much information as you can find about the posture…where and when it originated, and what was culture of the people.
  • Experience the posture with three different groups and document each participant’s experience.
  • Submit the posture to other CI Director. Other instructors need to try the posture with their groups and document each experience. At least two other instructors need to do this so that there are at least three different groups exploring the posture.
  • Instructors need to share their results and suggestions with the person who presented the new posture.
  • Once the original instructor has gathered all the information and suggestions then submit a written presentation to the Board of Directors. It can also suggest a name and category for this new posture. The Board will keep the documentation on file.
  • Following these steps and the submission of new potential postures to the Board of Directors at Cuyamungue Institute is needed to keep consistency with how postures are verified.

Posture research that has not completed these steps are considered “Exploratory Postures” and not recommended for use in a introductory workshop setting. The Cuyamungue Institute is not responsible or liable for the results of teaching “Exploratory Postures” and encourage instructors to proceed with caution.

““Exploratory Postures” should not be published or shared with the general public in any books, magazines, videos, or any form of media, in any way that associates or suggests “Exploratory Postures” as being aligned with the verified work of the CI . This necessarily excludes any Certified Instructors from using their association with the CI to present postures which have not become part of the Verified Postures, as outlined in the process described above. Poor experiences from non-verified postures weakens our database and our teaching.

Thank you for your continued support and dedication to strengthening the database of postures. Quality is our goal not quantity.

Should you additional question about posture verification please contact the Board of Directors.